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HDPE For Vacuum Clamping Jigs



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Product Description

HDPE is perfect for custom vacuum clamping jigs and fixtures because it is non-porous. It holds vacuum pressure perfectly! It's also very strong and yet machinable with almost any woodworking tool. I've sawn, routed, turned, planed, and tapped HDPE with no problem.

Our pricing on HDPE is a bit high due to a less-than-friendly distributor in our area. Check with your local plastics supplier to see if they can offer it to you for less than our website price.

Please Note: This HDPE is sold without any ports or holes drilled in it so that you can make a vacuum clamping jig in any size we stock.

Material: High-Density Polyethylene
Thickness: .75"
Color: Opaque white/natural
Finish: Smooth
Edges: Saw cut
Size Tolerance: +/- .025"
Hardness: Shore D 62-69
Suitable Temperature: -40° to +149° F
Weight: 3.75 lbs/sqr ft

Vacuum Clamping Jig for Fingerboard Radius on Guitar

Tip from Joe
Don't forget to order an 1/8" NPT pipe tap, brass fitting, and vacuum gasket tape to complete you vacuum jig. You might also need the vacuum clamping add-on if you have a Project: EVS/EVS-2 or V4 vacuum press system.

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Product Reviews

  1. Great product!

    Review by Scott Tucker

    We use the HDPE blanks to manufacture vacuum clamping jigs in our guitar fabricating shop. It's easily machinable, holds fasteners extremely well and very durable used as jigs in heavy production use.

  2. Highly Recommended

    Review by Dale Arnett

    Very good product, with a good price. Fast a friendly service. They let me know as soon as the unit shipped and had FedEx keep me up to date on when it would arrive.

  3. HPDE For Everything!

    Review by Brian O.

    I like that this plastic is machine-able and that it doesnt create a lot of dust when it is cut. I use HDPE for custom vacuum jigs but I have also started using it anywhere I need something that has screw-holding abilities and needs to be used outdoors. I've used it to make brackets and mounting blocks for my motor-home, boat, and trailer. I've also made fixtures and wall plates for my garden hose with this material. You can route it too. It routes well and the edges stay sharp.

    My vacuum jigs (about 20 of them now) vary in size from 6"x6" square to a 22" perfect circle that I use for template routing when making batch runs of pedestal tables.

    The material arrived at my house within a day of ordering and I feel the shipping was fair.

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