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Podz™ Vacuum Clamping Jigs


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Product Description


Podz™ are simple vacuum jigs designed to affordably clamp projects to your bench top. Using the power of your vacuum press and clamping system, the Podz™ 26-piece kit allows you to configure the clamping jigs any way you choose to clamp projects as small as 4" x 4" and as large as 5' x 4'. Purchase additional Podz kits and you can expand the project size to panels of any size!

With the Podz™ system, you can vacuum clamp work pieces to your bench top for routing, sanding, trimming, sawing, carving, dovetailing, staining, planing, scraping, and more.

Each Podz™ clamping jig is made from high density polyethylene and is pre-drilled and pre-tapped. Assembly is quick and simple. Use one Podz jig for small work or link multiple Podz together for larger panels.

A set of four spring-loaded ball valves is included with each Podz™ jig which allows you to pre-arrange each jig on your work bench (with the vacuum source operating). These valves minimize the loss of vacuum pressure and keep the jigs in place until the work piece is ready for clamping.

Kit Contents:

  • (4) Podz™ Jigs - 4" x 4" HDPE, Pre-Drilled/Pre-Tapped
  • (4) Spring-Loaded Ball Valves
  • (1) Brass Plug - 1/8" NPT
  • (12') Blue Vacuum Tube
  • (7) Brass Barb Fittings - 1/8" NPT x 1/4" Barb
  • (8) Removable Podz Gaskets
  • (1) Attachment Fitting (see *** below)


Assembly Time: 10 minutes
Assembly Instructions: Click Here


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To use the Podz™ jigs, you will need a vacuum press and a foot-operated vacuum clamping unit. For EVS and V2 vacuum press systems, the vacuum clamping add-on is required to control the flow of pressure from the vacuum reservoirs. If you own an Excel 1 or Excel 5 vacuum press system, you will only need an electric foot-pedal switch to control the vacuum pump system.

Notes from Joe:

  • Podz™ clamping jigs work best on non-porous surfaces. This includes your bench top. If you have a porous wood bench top, the vacuum pressure will be diminished. In this case, I recommend applying several coats of oil based polyurethane to seal the pores and allow maximum vacuum clamping pressure.
  • Porous woods such as oak and walnut will allow vacuum pressure to escape from the system. You can choose to allow this air to leak out and clamping pressure will be decreased. Alternatively, you can place blue painter's tape or even contact paper on the clamp side of the work piece. This will create a non-porous surface that can be clamped with vacuum.
  • The Podz™ system is adjustable. You can cut the tubing to any size needed for the scope of your projects. I recommend using a 4-3-4 tube layout. This means four feet of tube from jig #1 to jig #2, three feet of vacuum tube from jig #2 to jig #3, and four feet of vacuum tube from jig#3 to jig#4.
  • A set of four spring-loaded ball valves is included with each Podz™ jig which allows you to pre-arrange each jig on your work bench (while the vacuum source operating). The valves minimize the loss of vacuum pressure and keep the jigs in place until your work piece in set on top.

*** Select the appropriate end fitting based on your vacuum press.

- If you have the pnuematic foot pedal assembly for the V2 or EVS vacuum press
   systems, select the "barb union" option above.

- If you have either of the Excel systems, select the "tube adapter" option above.

Need a custom sized vacuum jig?

We have all of the parts in stock to make your own vacuum clamping jig.

What is the purpose of the ball valve on each of the Podz™ units?
The ball valves do not hold a perfect vacuum seal but they hold enough vacuum that you can place the Podz™ on your work bench and they wont slide around while you are positioning the work piece on top.

Do I have to use all four Podz™ at the same time?
It depends on the porosity of the clamping material and the amount of clamping force required to hold down the work piece. Generally speaking, routing requires more clamping force than sanding.

How much clamping strength is generated by all four Podz™ together?
At 25" of Hg, the total clamping strength is approximately 345 lbs.

Why doesn't this product include the foot pedal?
The foot pedal is a critical part of controlling the flow of vacuum to the Podz™ system but there are two types of foot pedals (electric and pnuematic). For the Excel™ vacuum press systems, you will need this kit and the electric foot pedal. For the V2™ systems, you will need the full vacuum clamping add-on kit which includes a pnuematic foot pedal and several other items.

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