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Foot Valve for Vacuum Clamping
1/4 NPT, 3-Way, 2-Position
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Product Description

This 3-way/2-position latching foot valve is a rare find at this price. The pedal can be used to control vacuum flow on a clamping jig. The 3-way configuration allows vacuum to be instantly exhausted from the vacuum jig without losing any additional vacuum pressure from the main vacuum system. This item includes the foot valve only. A vacuum filter must also be used to protect the foot valve from debris.

If you are setting up a complete vacuum clamping addon for your vacuum press, please purchase the full clamping kit available here.


  • Heavy duty aluminum construction with Buna-N seals
  • Two built-in breather fittings
  • Latching on/off operation (tap on, tap off)
  • 1/4" NPT ports in a 3-way configuration

Max Air Pressure: 150 psi
Operating Cv: .70

Note from Joe:
There are many versions of this foot pedal being imported from China. Each looks nearly the same as the other but there are some obvious and some hidden quality differences between the many copies. I have purchased several units and found myself disappointed with nearly all of them. The unit offered here is the one I use in my own shop. It has been available here on my site for many years and we've had no complaints or issues with it.

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Product Reviews

  1. Review from Allston, MA

    Review by John Warren

    While I'm not using this pedal for vacuum clamping. It has proven ideal for allowing me to finely control a jig for thermoplastic bubble forming for prosthetic sockets. Super easy to set up and much better than stepping on some surgical tubing! Service was excellent, great communication from the seller. Pedals like this go for $100's more on other sites.

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