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Mac Valve
3-Way, 1/4" NPT



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Product Description

This 3-way pneumatic Mac valve controls the air flow from your compressor into the venturi unit. Each unit comes with 15" wire leads and has 1/4" NPT threads on each port. No instructions are included with this part.

  • The standard version is used on the Project: EVS™ kit as well as the Vac-Pro Mini™, Vac-Pro Basic™, and Vac-Pro Plus™ venturi units we offer.
  • The premium version of this valve has a higher flow rate and is used on the Premium 5™ and Premium 9™ venturi units.
  • These solenoid valves are not for use with our Project: V4™ kit. The correct solenoid valve for the V4 kit can be found here.
Version Price Model Number Voltage*
Standard $31.00 113B-111BA 120v AC
Standard $21.00 113B-591BA 24v DC
Premium $35.00 225B-251BA 240v AC


*Please note that due to liability reasons we do not offer any support for 240v AC. I can not provide assistance, instructions, or diagrams for building a high voltage system. Please a certified electrician before purchasing and/or building a 240v system.

Product Reviews

  1. Can't go wrong with Mac Valve

    Review by Floyd Goble

    Our local supplier for Mac Valves was having supply issues. I found them here on Veneer Supplies and was thrilled they had them in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

  2. Highly Recommended

    Review by Dale Arnett

    Very good product, with a good price. Fast a friendly service. They let me know as soon as the unit shipped and had FedEx keep me up to date on when it would arrive.

  3. High Quality - Fast Delivery - Great Price

    Review by Matt Shoemaker

    This product showed up fast and undamaged, worked with no issues and it solved our issues with other solenoid valves. Also the best price! I received email updates regarding shipping. Thank you for providing great customer care.

  4. Review from Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK

    Review by Peter Threlfall

    Very neat little valve at an excellent price. Well packaged, arrived quickly and Joe did a great job shipping a large order to the UK.
    Would recommend Joe for all veneer issues.

  5. Review from Elmore, Ohio

    Review by Robert Baker

    My order for a Mac Valve and a Vacuum Controller were received two days after ordering. Every thing was was shipped together and carefully packed to prevent shipping damage. These items are for my back-up/assist vacuum system using a V2 Plus Vacuum Generator. This system along with with my five year old Veneer Supplies vacuum pump system will allow me to laminate larger and more complex shapes. The older vacuum pump system, uses many of the same components and after five years is still dependable and is using all of the original components. For the price you would be hard pressed to find a comparable vacuum system. I have recommended these products to several people who have shown an interest in the vacuum lamination process. If you have an inquiry or problem, email Joe and you will have a return answer within a day.

  6. Another Quality Product

    Review by Cacy

    Built my press kit from Joe's plans and parts. Used an old but unused propane tank and added a red pilot light that indicates when the press is turned on. Works great.

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