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Vacuum Gasket Tape
For Clamping
3/8" x 1/8" x 82'



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Product Description

With the help of a fellow woodworker, I've found the OEM source for an excellent self-adhesive vacuum sealing tape. This is not a knock-off. This is a high density on-board gasketing tape used on high-end industrial vacuum clamping systems.

The gasket tape is coated on one side with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. The foam's 1/8" (0.125") thickness assures conformability to a wide range of substrates and its 3/8" width allows a tighter radius for small parts from the substrate on your vacuum jig.

The difference between this gasket tape and the closed-cell foam tape that you can buy at a hardware store is the "compression set" or "memory". Unlike store-bought gasket, this material will return to its original size after each clamping operation.

What Is it Used For?
Vacuum clamping is the easiest to way to hold an object for routing and sanding. Vacuum clamps powered by a venturi or electric pump can generate up to 1700 lbs per square foot of clamping pressure without marring the work piece. Vacuum gasket tape makes the air tight seal between a vacuum jig and the work piece.


  • Closed cell foam gives this tape greater abrasion resistance.
  • The self-stick adhesive system allows the gasketing to be easily applied to virtually any smooth vacuum jig material.
  • Eliminates creep and chatter which makes sanding operations faster and routing operations more accurate.
  • Can be used with small and tight radii on the vacuum jig.

Technical Data

  • Gasketing Substrate: PVC
  • Hardness (Shore 00): 60
  • Tensile Strength: 80
  • Compression Set: 4
  • Length: Select this option above
  • Width: 3/8"
  • Length: 82'
  • Thickness: 1/8"

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What is the difference between the standard vacuum gasket and the templating gasket?
The standard tape is used for basic benchtop vacuum clamping when profile routing, sanding, or carving. The templating tape is thinner has has less lateral shift which makes it better for template and pattern routing.

Isn't this gasket tape the same as weather stripping from the hardware store?
It is definitely a different material. Weather stripping is designed to fill gaps and is generally not as resilient to frequent compression/decompression cycles. Our gasketing tape is said to be 50 times more durable and designed for multiple hourly usage cycles.

Product Reviews

  1. Comforms to Wood Much Better

    Review by Paul Schultz

    I prefer this over the 1/16" thick gasket for my vacuum jigs because it conforms to the wood much better when it's not perfectly flat which is almost always. I'm going to try the 1/4" for my jigs based on another review here which I predict will be even better.

  2. They got a gimmick - it works!

    Review by Michael Hagstad

    Quick delivery, just what I ordered. Looks like it'll work for my project. I'd certainly do business with these folks again.

  3. Highly Recommended

    Review by Dale Arnett

    Very good product, with a good price. Fast a friendly service. They let me know as soon as the unit shipped and had FedEx keep me up to date on when it would arrive.

  4. Review from Greenfield, IN

    Review by Aaron Dickinson

    Great for general purpose jigs where the work is flat and you don't need to account for much unevenness or warping, cupping, etc in the work piece. If you do need to account for that, I recommend the 1/4" thick tape. This tape has little side to side shift and is great for production router work. The 1/4" thick tape can have some side to side shifting under heavy cutting or a kick.

  5. Accept no substitutes!

    Review by Bryan D

    I made shaper templates for cutting boards with this tape about 2 years ago. The design proved very popular and since then I've made around 2,500 pieces. The templates are worn out now, but the tape looks and works as good as new. Totally trustworthy in a sucker jig application where gasket failure could have horrifying consequences. Accept no substitutes!

    The 1/8 thickness compresses to about 1/16, so set it into a 1/16 groove or use 1/16 shims to keep the workpiece from deflecting under vacuum pressure.

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