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Product Description

You can prevent bubbles and blisters in a veneered panel by applying glue the right way!

The rule of thumb for glue application is that the surface of the substrate should be evenly covered with veneer glue. The easiest way to to this is with a decent glue roller. This tool will roll out a smooth and even glue line which will prevent bubbles from occurring in the cured veneer panel that are caused by pockets of excess glue.

A simple tool like this is an excellent means of applying a thin, even coat of veneer glue. It works well with Heat Lock, Ultra-CAT, and regular Better Bond veneer glue.

The glue roller has a one-piece plated metal frame mounted to a medium density foam rubber roller. This is not a disposable roller. Just rinse it in warm water while the glue is still wet and you can use it over and over again.

Not for use with solvent-based adhesives.

Tip from Joe
Be sure to clean the roller immediately after use. For water based adhesives, use warm water. You'll find that adding a bit of liquid soap will really help.

Keep in mind that you won't be able to get the roller completely clean. It will get "seasoned" after its first use and will never quite be the same. A professional painter will tell you that a paint brush works best after its been seasoned. This glue roller is the same way. After it has been seasoned, it will work even better and subsequent cleanings will be much easier.

I have a glue roller that is at least 4 years old and its a bit crusty looking but it still puts down the ideal amount of adhesive. If you are very particular about your glue roller, here's a tip... dip it in water before you use it. This will make it easier to clean and it will extend the life of the roller.

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