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Super-Soft 2™ Veneer Softener & Conditioner





Product Description

Veneer SoftenerSuper-Soft 2™ flattens and softens crotch, burl, and other wavy veneers by temporarily plasticizing wood cells. This outstanding product conditions and "tames" wood veneer to prevent splits and cracks by instantly making them remarkably flexible. It does all this without affecting the veneer's bonding, staining, or finishing properties.

Apply by dipping, spraying, or brushing. No mixing required.

MSDS Information: Click Here


  1. Use full strength. Apply by dipping, spraying, or brushing.
  2. Allow veneers to stand until the surface appears dry.
  3. Place veneer between two sheets of absorbent paper (paper towels, brown paper, or unprinted newspaper) and clamp it between two flat boards in a press or simply by placing weight on top.
  4. Allow 12 hours for the initial drying to take place.
  5. Remove from press and replace the absorbent paper. Re-apply pressure or weights.
  6. Replace absorbent sheets every 6 hours until veneer is completely dry.

Because of the unique formulation of Super-Soft 2, it may also be dried with a household clothes iron on the low/medium setting for instant veneer flattening. Do this is a well ventilated area.


I took the picture shown here to give you an idea as to how well Super-Soft 2 works. This image shows madrone burl veneer rolled around a pencil. There are no cracks or splits. If I can roll a burl veneer this tight, you can probably imagine the possibilities with complex veneering projects!


pg-video-supersoft2.jpgCan this be used for flattening wavy veneers too?
Yes! Flattening is its main use. The softener makes the veneer flexible to reduce splitting during the flattening process.

Will Super-Soft 2 work on thicker wood veneer and thin lumber?
Generally speaking, the softener will be less effective on thick-cut veneers. The range of effectiveness is based on thickness, species, and grain orientation. We have heard of good results from guitar makers who use the softener to make some species of thin lumber more bendable.

Can I stack veneers between layers of absorbent paper when flattening?
I don't recommend stacking more than four veneers at a time. If the veneers are extremely brittle or wavy, only stack in groups of two.

Is the softener freeze/thaw stable?
Freezing will not harm this product.

How do I know when the veneer softener has dried?
Determining when the softener has fully dried has a lot to do with your senses. If the veneer feels cool, looks dark, or smells a lot like the softener, then it is not quite dry.

Does Super Soft 2 leave a residue when dry?

What kind of incompatibility issues are there with this softener?
We have yet to find any incompatibility issues with veneers treated with SS2. This includes water-based stains and finishes, oil-based stains and finishes, lacquer, conversion varnish, polyurethane, alcohol-based finishes, wood dyes, shellac, and others.

Is this veneer softener diluted?
Absolutely not! It is full strength but you can dilute it by 10% with water (though we don't see a benefit to doing that).

What is the shelf life of the softener?
The shelf life is indefinite. It should last forever.

What's the best method of application?
Spraying is the most efficient way to apply Super-Soft 2.

Can you ship this abroad?
Yes. We are the only U.S. company currently shipping this new formula abroad. See this page for a list of countries to which we can ship.

How long will softening effect last?
The softening effects vary from one species to another. Some users are finding the flexibility so remain for as long as 2 weeks. Generally speaking, you can expect the effects to last from 4 to 7 days.

Can this veneer softener be used on the same veneer more than once?
Yes. If the veneer requires additional flattening, Super-Soft 2 can be re-applied as many times as needed.

Will Super-Soft 2 make the veneer sticky like homemade softener?
Not at all. The veneer will feel soft and pliable not sticky and brittle.

How much coverage will I get from a bottle of softener?
There's no way to specify a coverage amount. It really depends on the veneer species, grain, moisture content, and method of application. Most folks find that a quart goes much further than expected.

Can I heat the softener with a clothes iron to dry it faster?
Yes but do so in a well-ventilated area. After applying Super-Soft to the veneer, use a clothes iron set on medium heat to dry and flatten the veneer at the same time. It's best to put a cotton or flannel cloth between the veneer and the iron. Keep the iron moving continuously around on the veneer. When the veneer appears to be dry you can prep it for glued in the veneer press. The effects of the softener are notably shorter with this trick so be certain to use the veneer as soon as possible. Otherwise it may ripple again.

Is it safe to dry it with heat?
Most of what will be evaporated into the air at temperatures above 212F deg will be water. SuperSoft 2 has a very high boiling point, meaning no volatiles will be produced until over 350F degrees. Because it contains some water, it's possible that the steam from the water above 212F degrees will carry some of the softener with it. It's unlikely that the lower temperature will create any volatiles from the veneer softener, so it would be a small amount, if any. If some of the softener does get airborne in the steam, the chemical driven off is diethylene glycol monoethyl ether which, according to the MSDS, it is not expected to be an inhalation hazard. Both circulating and exhaust fans should always be used where volatiles are present.

Will this softener affect cutting/trimming with a veneer saw?
A properly sharpened veneer saw will work perfectly with a veneer treated with SS2 once it has dried.

Does Super-Soft 2 affect a veneer that will be adhered with hide glue or CA glue?
Once dry, Super-Soft 2 has no impact on the bonding of veneer with any adhesive.

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