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Box of Burl Scraps
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Product Description

It's been a while since we've had the Box of Burl on our site, but I have been setting aside some random veneers over the last few months so that I could offer a few of these again. Each box is 14" x 14" x 3" and contains about 30 square feet of veneer scraps. There will be some splits to work around or remove from these sheets. Some customers have mentioned to me that they prefer boxes with some sequence in the sheets, so I've tried to do this with these boxes.

Variety Box includes:

  • Olive Ash Burl
  • Redwood Burl
  • Yew Burl
  • Pelin Burl
  • Maple Burl
  • Pepperwood Burl (very small pieces)
  • We also put some "angel step" maple in many of the boxes
Maple Burl Box includes:
  • Maple Burl in many sequenced mini packs so quad-matched panels can be made

Additional Notes:

  • Each box consists of consecutive and non-consecutive sheets with irregular shapes.
  • Most of these veneers will require flattening so consider getting a small bottle of veneer softener with your order.
  • These boxes are pre-packed so we can not custom-pack a box of veneer.
  • There is a limit of one box per customer.
  • These are raw wood veneers (no backing).
  • The thickness of these veneers is approximately 1/45" inch.
  • The veneer inside range in size from 4" x 7" to 10" x 13".
  • This product is non-returnable.

How much veneer softener do I need to flatten the veneers in this box?
There is really no way to answer this. I've looked at calculating this many ways but it is impossible to figure out and I'd be so far off that it would make me look like a fool or a liar. Each box has varying amounts of veneer and varying percentages of the veneer inside that actually need the softener. With that said, I think you will find that the 8 oz bottle of veneer softener goes further than you might expect.

Product Reviews

  1. Great Deal!

    Review by Jack McDonough

    Just got my box and I am impressed! Lots of sequential sheets so I can make some geometric designs using a quad match layout. I also think I got a lot more square footage than expected. Great deal. Great company to buy from!

  2. A Knockout Box!

    Review by Kevin Dickey

    I ordered the walnut box and it was so beyond my expectations, I can't even tell you. I could make literally dozens of projects worth of awesome book matches from this one box. Highly recommended.

  3. Best Box of Burl by Bunches!

    Review by Kevin Conley

    This is an amazing value with really good veneer! I was impressed at how quickly this shipped. The veneer was packed very well. I don't think there was one piece broken off. The veneer itself wasn't old and crumbly like other company's "sample packs." I'm beyond impressed! Thanks Joe!

  4. Plenty of Great Looking Veneer

    Review by Tom Connolly

    I'm just starting to work with veneers and this sample box will be the perfect way to get familiar with veneers without breaking the bank. The box has plenty of great looking veneers and I'll have plenty to use for testing too.

  5. Beautiful Veneers

    Review by Tom Connolly

    I bought the burl box and the incredible box of veneers and it all looks amazing. I haven't used veneers that much so these boxes are a convenient way to get familiar with a lot of different veneers. I have enough to use for testing and have plenty leftover for projects. My learning curve should be quick since your website has so much great advice and knowledge.

  6. A Beautiful Bouquet of Walnut Burl

    Review by Ezekiel Arena

    What a wonderful array of book matched walnut burls. It's great for a beginner to learn how to experiment without costing an arm and a leg, as well as a seasoned woodworker to have burl veneer on hand for any project that may arise.

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