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Copper Veneering Kit



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Product Description

pg-copper-veneering-easy.jpgIf you are new to copper veneering, you might find this kit very useful. Copper veneer works much like wood veneer. It's a bit fragile in its raw form so it must be handled gently. Nevertheless, it is a unique and intriguing material that will surely have family, friends, and customers lining up to get their hands on any project you create.

If you own a vacuum press or other pressing tool, you'll find this starter kit a perfect compliment to your first copper veneer order.

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Kit Contents

  • 6" Glue Roller
    This glue roller is ideal for applying copper adhesive. Clean and re-use it.
  • TC-20™ Copper Adhesive
    The perfect glue for bonding copper to a porous substrate.
  • 2" Polyurethane Roller
    This roller is used in conjunction with a piece of heavy vinyl sheeting to roll out any crinkles in the copper veneer.
  • Vinyl Sheeting
    We include 1 square foot of 30 mil vinyl material which is used in conjunction with the polyurethane roller to smooth out any wrinkles in the copper before the adhesive is applied.
  • Instruction Sheet
    We include a copy of the copper veneering instructions from the JoeWoodworker website.

How much coverage does a pint of TC-20 provide?
When applied properly a pint will cover up to 32 square feet of substrate material.

Product Reviews

  1. Customer Service Offered by Joe is Excellent

    Review by Bayard Vandegrift

    Customer service offered by Joe is excellent and unmatched by larger companies. I received my order very quickly and took note of the care given to packaging. It was NOT in a flimsy box with a few air bags thrown inside. My items were hand wrapped tightly and placed in a heavy duty box which was sealed very well. It's obvious that Joe cares about his business and his customers.

  2. Good Kit - Good Price - Good Shipping

    Review by Tom Garrity

    I'd suggest buying this kit if you want to apply copper veneer correctly. You'll need everything that is included with this combo. The extra piece of vinyl makes it much easier to flatten out any bends in the copper sheet. My order took 2 days to arrive. The owner of the company personally emailed me a tracking number for my box within a few hours after I submitted the order.

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