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Please see the list below for the fastest answers to the most common questions.

How do I find a certain product?
Use the search box at the top of our website or check out this page for detailed searching options.

How are the veneers sold?
We offer raw wood veneer in two formats. "Sheets" are sold as individual pieces of veneer and are listed and priced by the sheet. The website listing will tell you exactly how many sheets are available in our real-time inventory so you can order as many as you need. Sheets are generally more expensive per square foot than veneers which are sold by the lot.

"Lots" are sold as bundles of veneer sheets. The square foot measurement of the lot is calculated by multiplying the number of sheets in the lot by the size of a single sheet of that veneer. The price shown is the cost for the entire lot. Please note that we often have more than one lot available. If there is a lot that is listed as 10 sheets and there are 2 lots, that indicates that we have 20 total pieces available.

Can you cut a veneer to size for me?
Unfortunately, we do not offer any type of cutting services.

Do you offer samples?
Yes. Please see this link for a listing of the samples we offer.

Do you have a catalog?
Catalogs are too expensive for small businesses like ours. A printed catalog would force me to raise my prices which is something I work dilegently to avoid. We see almost constant price increases from our suppliers and when this forces me to raise our prices, I cringe and lose sleep. I just can't see a benefit to offering a catalog especially when all of the large-size pictures of our veneers look so good on a computer screen.

How is the veneer shipped and priced?
We have a great page on our website that explains our practices and policies for the veneers.

Do you offer thicker veneers, lumber, or plywood?
Our veneers are standard mill thickness which is about 1/42" to 1/45". We do not offer thicker veneers because they are nearly impossible to keep flat, challenging to ship, and require special glue for a good bond. Almost any project that appears to require a thick veneer, can be done with a standard veneer thickness. We do not offer lumber or plywood.

pg-vacuum-press-chart.gifWhich vacuum press should I build? or Will my air compressor work with the Project: V2 kit?
That depends on a lot of factors. We've created two pages of information to help you select the vacuum press kit that is right for you. The first page is a chart of the capacities and requirements for each system.  The second page discusses some of the in's and out's of building and using the various types of vacuum presses.

Where can I find product instructions?
Please click here to see our list of available instructions.

Where can I find more questions and answers?
The JoeWoodworker website has three FAQ pages that willl surely answer most of your vacuum pressing and veneering questions.