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TransTint - Black 2 oz.
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Product Description

TransTints are formulated from light stable metallized acid dyes. They are more lightfast when compared to conventional aniline powdered type dye stains. This unique concentrated formulation allows the user great latitude in using the dye because it is compatible with a wide variety of finishing products. The dye can be mixed with either water or alcohol as a bare stain on wood - or added directly to finishing materials like shellac and lacquer to make toners or stains.

No waiting or straining is necessary because the dye compound is pre-dissolved!

Stain and Finishing Options

  1. Water-Based Dye Stain: Mix with tap or distilled water for an economical, non-flammable stain.
  2. Non-Grain Raising Dye Stain: Mix with alcohol for a fast-drying, non-grain raising stain.
  3. Hybrid Dye Stain: Mix with a 50/50 solution of water and alcohol for a user-friendly wipe-on stain.

More Information

  • pg-transtints-quote.gifSuggested mix ratio is 2 oz. dye per 1/2 gallon solven but this ratio can be increased or decreased to adjust the color and saturation as needed.
  • Dye solution can be applied by brush, rag, spray, or sponge. When using a water-reduced dye, a pre-grain raising is advisable.
  • One of TransTint's most unique features is their compatibility with a wide range of finishing mediums. Simply add the dye concentrate directly to shellac, water-base finishes, solvent lacquers, and catalyzed varnish or lacquers. Add any amount up to 1 oz. per quart.

When using any dye or colorant, we highly recommend testing your colors first on scraps or cut-offs along with your selected top coat before applying to your projects. TransTint Dyes are not for exterior use and can not be mixed with oil-based products.

Please note that this item is non-returnable.

All TransTint dye colors are intermixable to produce custom shades.
Click here for the dye color chart.

pg-warning-yellow.jpg WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit

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Product Reviews

  1. Amazing!

    Review by Justin King

    Amazing! Don't use any other dye! This place is a one stop shop for all the supplies I need! Customer service is also top notch and you feel like it's a more personal experience!

  2. Excellent Supplier

    Review by John Shepard

    Veneer Supplier is an excellent supplier. They provide quality products in a very timely manner. They have a wide selection of products at at very good prices. They were very quick to ship their products also at great prices.

  3. Easy to Use

    Review by John Shepard

    TransTint dyes are easy to use and when used with alcohol doesn't raise the wood grain. The mixing of the dyes makes matching of an existing stain very easy as well as matching the colors of different woods. I have used TransTint for many years and find the product quality to always be high.

  4. Great Product, Great Service

    Review by Bill Haas

    TransTint is the best product on the market, and Veneer Supplies offers the lowest price I've ever found. Delivery was super fast, ordered and arrived within 3-4 days. Would definitely reorder again. Great service all around.

  5. Quality Colors

    Review by John Scanlan

    Joe describes items to the "T". The website has so much more than just products and helps select the right product for the job. Trans Tint is the best dye for staining woods whether directly or in a finish. The longevity of the color is critical for anyone building quality furniture and crafts that are expected to last decades. Easy to use and dissolves in almost any solution. Just be sure to wear gloves because it will stain your fingers! Fast and accurate service so no production time is lost. My go-to site for veneer and woodworking tools or products.

  6. Excellent Service

    Review by Andrew Taylor

    Great price, excellent customer service and fast shipping! I will buy from again.

  7. Great Stuff

    Review by Derek Davis

    Excellent product at a reasonable price. Joe is great to work with, a wealth of information and is willing to give great advice. For a small business the service is excellent.

  8. Steinway Refinishing Job

    Review by Scott Rogers

    I've used Black Transtint for years in piano keyboard work. Mainly for staining the black keys (sharps). I now have the opportunity to use Transtint to custom finish a 1936 mahogany Steinway grand piano. Using a combination of Cordovan, Black, and Red Transtint, I'm confident I' ll find the perfect combination. I love doing business with someone who takes their craft seriously. Thanks Joe!

  9. I've Worked with Transtint Dyes for 4 Years

    Review by Joshua Lynch

    This is the best price and fastest shipping on Transtint dyes there is. My order was well packed and arrived in two days. Joe was great to do business with.

  10. It Works Great

    Review by Robert Linker

    I use this tint in RFU lacquer on steel projects and it works great. I was having compatibility issues before and this product was a savior. No more ruined lacquer. The price is also great.

  11. Review from Campbell, CA

    Review by Hideo Kamimoto

    My order of Trans Tint dye stains arrived right on schedule. What's more, the shipment was packed really well, with plenty of packing material and ziplock bags for the stains. Everything was done right and it was nice to get a personal note from Joe as well!

  12. Review from Central, TX

    Review by Brian Ohmann

    Best priced Transtint there is. Shipping was also faster and less expensive than other sites.

  13. Review from Mariposa, CA

    Review by Joh Vanderslik

    Lowest price I could find. I have purchased all my Transtints from Veneer Supplies. Orders are shipped the next day.

  14. Review from Westwood, NJ

    Review by Craig DeFazio

    Easy and great to work with product. Pulls the tiger striping in a DIY guitar out and looks great. Ordering, prices, and fast delivery made it even better.

  15. Review from Tampa, FL

    Review by Jay Lathrop

    I love the Trans Tint dyes. I use them both to tint wood and tint intercoat clear auto paint that I spray on guitars.

    Not only does have the best price their selection is phenomenal and they always seem to have the product in stock when I need it. This is always the first (and usually last) place I go when I need this dye as well as any other veneering supplies. Great customer service, great prices and fast shipping. You can't ask for much more.

  16. Review from Rochester, Michigan

    Review by Josef Lewandowski

    Been using TransTints for years in numerous ways. Matching repairs, faux works, custom blends and more. Great for single projects and at Joe's price it just can't be beat. A must have in my color cabinet. Just make sure to have those gloves on, unless you like the multi-colored look of course.

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