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Olive Ash Burl Wood Veneer

Olive Ash Burl VeneerThere can be mesmerizing patterns in olive ash veneer that are not found in any other type of burl. The tangled threads of dark color seem to float above and through a neutral background layer. Combine this veneer with a darker wood like walnut to get maximum effect. This veneer has an unsual aroma; some say it is similar to the smell of leather!

Common Name:
  European Olive Wood, Olive-Ash, Forest Beauty Ash
Scientific Name:
  Fraxinus spp.
  Cream or light brown background with medium brown, gray, or green vein lines
  Europe and Southwest Asia
  Moderate hardness
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
Did You Know:   Olive ash is not a particular species of ash. It is simply a reference to the color variation and streaks found the heartwood typically found in European ash trees. This coloring resembles that of true olive trees.
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