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Figured Anigre Wood Veneer

cat-anigre-curly.jpgAngire is an often overlooked beauty. Its texture is pleasing to the eye and works well projects where a subtle yet defined wood veneer sheet is needed. Curly anigre is one of the more affordable figured veneer types despite it's relative rarity. Anigre can be found in Ghana, Cameroon, Congo, and in the rain forests of Uganda. I've had the pleasure of seeing numerous veneered projects in which the creator used anigre as a contrasting compliment to darker woods such as walnut and jarrah.

Looking for large sheets of this species? We also offer it in AA grade paper-backed veneer, which can be applied with contact cement or any other veneer adhesive.

Common Name:
  Anigre, anegre, agnegre, aningeria
Scientific Name:
  Aningeria superba, Aningeria robusta
  Creamy yellow to pale brown
  East and West Africa (Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, etc.)
  Moderately soft
  Smooth texture with semi-open pores
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
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