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Redwood Burl Wood Veneer

cat-redwood-burl.jpgRedwood is a close cousin of the famous sequoia tree of California. Certainly the most prized growth/grain in redwood is burl which generally grows underground and must be excavated with specialized machinery. Typically used on automotive dashboards and small case goods, these redwood burl wood veneer sheets have a pleasant color and shimmer when top coated with lacquer or oil-based polyurethane. It is such a beautiful wood, that it is hard to believe it's not an imported burl species!

Please Note: Redwood burl is one of the most brittle veneers available. End, edge, and center splitting is not uncommon. Be sure to expect some degree of splits in the lots listed below.

Common Name:
  Redwood Burl, Vavona Burl
Scientific Name:
  Sequoia sempervirens
  Deep to pale red (though not as pale as madrone)
  Northern California, southern Oregon within 35 miles of the coast line
  Soft texture, medium hardness
  Fine, closed pore
  Readily accept stains and finishes
Did You Know:
  Growing up to 340 feet tall, the redwood is one of the tallest trees in the world and is one of only a handful of domestic wood species that is resistant to rot.
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