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Karelian Birch Burl Wood Veneer

Alpine Birch Burl VeneerLarge forests of birch can be found in Karelia (a region near Russia and Findland) but the flame/burl figure is uncommon and very highly sought-after. The Finnish government requires loggers and lumber producers to follow exacting guidelines and abide by quotas which are strictly enforced.

This is not actually a true burl, nor is Karelian Birch an actual species. In most cases the species is Silver Birch, and the fire-like grain pattern is thought to be hereditary. Regardless, this is an exceptionally beautiful wood that is sometimes overlooked and under-appreciated.

Project by Jeff Reed

Common Name:
  Masur Birch, Silver Birch, Alpine Burl, Norway Birch, Downy Birch, Scandinavian Birch
Scientific Name:
  Betula pendula var. Carelica
  Creamy white with tan "flames" and dark brown burl outlines
  Northern Europe (specifically between Finland and Russia)
  Primarily hard
  Smooth texture with occasionally coarse burl "pips"
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
Did You Know:   Karelian birch burl logs are relatively small so to maximize the log yield, veneer mills typically use a rotary slicing method (similar to pulling paper towels off a roll). This provides wider veneer sheets with a more consistant pattern from edge to edge.

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