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Wood Veneer Sample Pack
Domestic Species
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Product Description

If you're just getting into veneering and are looking for samples to try out, our "grab bag" veneer assortment may be right up your alley. Each 10 square foot pack contains several species of random raw wood (unbacked) domestic veneers of various sizes. No two packs are the same but all contain unlabeled veneer sheets suitable for testing and practicing.

Each veneer is approximately 1/42" thick. The veneers in each pack vary in sheet count and are random widths with a typical length of 10".

The veneers are unlabeled but feel free to email me a picture or two and I will ID them for you. Species may include red oak, white oak, cherry, pine, maple, ash, hickory, walnut, and more.

Product Reviews

  1. Great customer service!

    Review by John Lynn

    Customer service is outstanding. Quality of the product is excellent and I couldn't have asked for faster shipping. I will be ordering again!

  2. A great way to start

    Review by Richard Jernigan

    Just excellent materials to work with.

    Even understanding that these sample packs are built from cast-offs of other cuts, the quality is extremely high: no chips or cracks, no warping, well-defined grains, consistent thicknesses, straight cuts. Far, far better than I would have expected from a trimmings sampler- and a good indicator for what the full-size products are like.

    The material selection is superb as well, with a wide variety of woods represented- and multiple test strips of high-demand items. That's perfect for doing trial runs at stains and finishing techniques.

  3. Fantastic quality

    Review by Stephen McKamey

    I wanted a sampling of veneers as I am not sure what my needs will be and I am new to the skill. This pack was incredible. The quality of the samples were astounding. I got a great mix of pine, oak, walnut and curly maple all of which have amazing chatoyance. Each type came with several sheets in series to practice bookmatching and aligning grain. I bought a few individual sheets to ensure I had a few specific species, but this sample pack was an incredible mix.

  4. Review from Lafayette, TN

    Review by Bryan West

    I have been refinishing furniture for some years now but have always avoided any veneering. Recently I have taken on my first project with damaged burl walnut veneer. I ordered this pack along with other sample packs and each pack had far more samples than what I expected and I believe to be far above the stated square footage. Found a perfect match for my project. Very pleased with every item ordered!

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