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Wood Veneer Edgebanding
7/8" x 250'
Iron-On, Pre-Finished



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Product Description

This real wood veneer edgebanding is pre-finished and pre-glued with a durable and easy to use hot melt adhesive. Our premium edgebanding has more wood between each finger joint than competing rolls and we use a unique jointing pattern and processing technique to minimize visibility at each joint. Apply this edgebanding by machine or with an iron and edgebanding trimmer. Each roll is pre-sanded and ready for easy application.

Each roll often contains flat cut, quartersawn, and riftsawn grain patterns.

We stock this edgebanding and have it available for immediate shipment.

  • Width: 7/8"
  • Length: 250'
  • Veneer Thickness: .020"
  • Backing: Fleece
  • Pre-Glued: Yes
  • Pre-Finished: Yes
  • Finish: PUR (polyurethane)
  • Sheen: Semi-Gloss
  • Minimum Order: 1 Roll

Click here for detailed application instructions.

Type (Iron-On, Pre-Finished) Size Price
Cherry Edgebanding 7/8" x 250' $37.90
Mahogany (Khaya) Edgebanding 7/8" x 250' $39.90
Maple Edgebanding
7/8" x 250' $36.50
Red Oak Edgebanding
7/8" x 250' $39.50
Sapele Edgebanding
7/8" x 250' $40.90
Walnut Edgebanding
7/8" x 250' $41.50
White Birch Edgebanding 7/8" x 250' $37.50
White Oak Edgebanding* 7/8" x 250' $41.90

* Uses a brown adhesive that better hides the glue line in the finished panel.

Product Reviews

  1. Pre-Finished Sapele Iron On Ease

    Review by Mike Farage

    This was my 1st time using any type of edge banding. I used the sapele for edgebanding my boat cabinet doors. The stuff blends perfectly with the sapele quartersawn plywood I used and went on easily. I will use this again!

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