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Wood Veneer Edgebanding
2" x 50'



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Product Description

This extra-wide wood veneer edgebanding is pre-glued with a durable and easy to use hot melt adhesive. Our premium edgebanding has more wood between each finger joint than competing rolls and we use a unique jointing pattern and processing technique to minimize visibility at each joint. Apply this edgebanding by machine or with an iron and edgebanding trimmer. Each roll is pre-sanded and ready for easy application.

Each roll often contains flat cut, quartersawn, and riftsawn grain patterns.

We have this item in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

  • Width: 2"
  • Length: 50'
  • Veneer Thickness: .020"
  • Adhesive Thickness: .015"
  • Backing: Fleece
  • Pre-Glued: Yes
  • Pre-Finished: No
  • Minimum Order: 1 Roll

Click here for detailed application instructions.

Type (Iron-On) Size Price
Alder Edgebanding 2" x 50' $20.50
Ash Edgebanding
2" x 50' $21.20
Bamboo Edgebanding
2" x 50' $47.10
Bubinga Edgebanding 2" x 50' $46.00
Cherry Edgebanding *
2" x 50' $23.90
Douglas Fir Edgebanding 2" x 50' $22.80
Ebony (Macassar) Edgebanding 2" x 50' $77.00
Eucalyptus (Australian) Edgebanding 2" x 50' $61.00
Hickory Edgebanding 2" x 50' $22.80
Jatoba Edgebanding 2" x 50' $29.90
Koa Edgebanding 2" x 50' $61.00
Lacewood (Australian) Edgebanding
2" x 50' $69.00
Mahogany (Khaya) Edgebanding 2" x 50' $24.50
Makore Edgebanding 2" x 50' $54.00
Maple Edgebanding
2" x 50' $21.50
Maple (Curly) Edgebanding 2" x 50' $54.00
Maple (Bird's Eye) Edgebanding 2" x 50' $46.00
Pearwood Edgebanding 2" x 50' $69.00
Poplar Edgebanding 2" x 50' $18.90
Pine (White) Edgebanding
2" x 50' $21.50
Red Birch Edgebanding 2" x 50' $20.90
Red Oak Edgebanding *
2" x 50' $22.50
Rosewood Edgebanding 2" x 50' $69.00
Sapele Edgebanding * 2" x 50' $23.90
Spanish Cedar Edgebanding 2" x 50' $54.00
Teak (Burmese) Edgebanding
2" x 50' $32.50
Walnut Edgebanding * 2" x 50' $26.50
Wenge Edgebanding
2" x 50' $34.20
White Birch Edgebanding
2" x 50' $19.90
White Oak Edgebanding *
2" x 50' $25.50
Zebrawood Edgebanding
2" x 50' $39.50

* Uses a brown adhesive that better hides the glue line in the finished panel.

Product Reviews

  1. Excellent

    Review by Wayne Lach

    Excellent product and quick delivery. Exactly what I was looking for. Great addition to the kitchen cabinets I'm making.

  2. Buy from Joe and, forget about Amazon

    Review by Jamie Hayes

    I found because Amazon didn't stock the dimensions of edge banding I needed. I'm glad I did find it, because I'd much rather support Joe than Jeff Bezos. I placed my order on Wednesday and it arrived on Friday which was a very pleasant surprise. The edge banding looks great and I think it will be exactly what I needed for the bookshelves I'm building.

    If we don't want to be ground down under the heel of mega-corporations like Amazon, we have to support the little guys who are doing good work. I don't know when I'll need veneer supplies again, but I'll definitely be buying them here, and I'll tell everyone else to as well.

    Can I get a woop woop for Joe and his wife? Keep up the good work! I wish you the best.

  3. Very Happy

    Review by Ray Cisewski

    Great website. Received walnut veneer very quick. Product looks great and will definitely use again.

  4. Outstanding Company

    Review by Larry Giles
    Rating: is an outstanding company. My orders are always processed and shipped very quickly.
    The quality of their products are second to none.
    I have and will continue to recommend this company to everyone!!

    Larry G

  5. Review from Birmingham, AL

    Review by Woody Patterson

    I'm an artist that chose the iron-on maple edge banding to finish the edges of a series of multi-media works. Materials arrived on time and in perfect order. The material adhered securely to the wood base and pvc material, and after trimming and sanding appears clean and seamless. Where the banding is spliced together the wood grain appears minimally interrupted providing a smooth consistent finish on all edges. Overall, I'm very impressed with the quality of your product.

  6. Review from Princeton, BC

    Review by Richard T Pateman

    I don't do a lot of woodworking but I have done a fair amount in the past. I had a project to build a bar/island/kitchen table unit for my cabin in the woods and I wanted it to look really nice so I found some birch veneer plywood locally and got to work. In finishing I needed edgebanding for the edges and after looking everywhere I could not find red birch. I found these people online and am very pleased with their service,speed of delivery and friendly straight forward manner. I highly recommend this company!!!

  7. Review from Wood Dale, Illinois

    Review by Tim Morrison

    Great product. Arrived quickly and in good condition.

  8. Review from Chapel Hill, NC

    Review by Candy Walter

    It's a whole new world! After you apply, you can't tell that 3/4 birch furniture grade plywood isn't solid wood. It will NOT come off until you reheat it. I tried it out for the first time on the particle board table surface of my 10" radial arm saw and it's still there after 5+ years. Trimming, sanding, staining and painting are all easy.

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