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Walnut Burl Veneer Lot
9.5" x 30.25"
6 Sheets Per Lot



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Veneer Description

Walnut Burl Veneer Lot

Walnut Burl Veneer Lot

Width: 9.5"
Length: 30.25"
Thickness: 1/45"
Total Square Feet: 11.97
Sheets Per Lot: 6

Flat: Yes
Grade: Learn More About Veneer Grades
Square Foot Price: $6.50
Veneer #: 25780
Lots in Stock: 4

There are some splits or voids in this lot identified by chalk marks in the full size picture.

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More Information
This unbacked and unfinished wood veneer is priced and sold by the lot. The number of sheets in this lot is shown above and the measurements shown are the approximate size of each sheet. Please note that we can not break up the lot and sell individual sheets.

The price shown at the top of this page is the cost per lot (not per sheet).

Unless otherwise noted above, the sheets are sequential which makes this lot ideal for any type of lay out pattern.

Orders for more than one lot will ship with each lot in sequence to the next.

Good news! This veneer has been pressed flat and should stay that way if stored and acclimated appropriately.

Photo Comments
The picture shown is the actual bundle from which your order will be fulfilled. We do not artificially enhance the character or grain of our veneer images. When a finish is applied, any figure in this veneer will be greatly enhanced.

Balance Veneer
Don't forget to balance your veneer panel. This is a critical and often overlooked fundamental of veneering. We now stock affordable balance veneers.

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