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Veneer Punch-n-Patch
A2 Tool Steel



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Product Description

Veneer PunchIt's not uncommon to find bark patches and other voids in burl veneer. Use this punch to easily remove the defect in the veneer and replace it with a reciprocal veneer patch. A tremendous amount of thought and experience led to the unique design and machining of this hard-to-find hand tool. Each cutterhead begins as a solid billet of A2 tool steel and undergoes a multipass machining process on a specialized CNC lathe. When the machining is complete, the cutting head is hardened with a unique heat treating process.

The simplicity of this heavy duty tool is what makes it a pleasure to have in the shop. First, use the tool to punch out the void or inclusion in the veneer. Then align the tool to the grain of the replacement veneer (preferably an off-cut from the same sheet) and punch out the patch. Set the patch into the punched hole in the good veneer sheet and apply a small piece of veneer tape to hold it in place while being pressed. Excellent for use with all burl species.

The irregular cloud-shape design of this punch minimizes the visibility of the patch piece in burl veneers. In fact, this tool is often called a "veneer cloud punch".

Veneer SoftenerFree Super Soft 2™ Veneer Softener!
We now include a free bottle of veneer softener with every veneer punch. A spritz of veneer softener is required before punching the veneer. If the punch is used on a dry veneer, the cutting edge will be damaged.

Instructions: Click here

Veneer Punch Samples

The Problem with the Traditional Veneer Punch
If you are familiar with traditional veneer punches, you know they have a tendency to blow out and split the surrounding veneer. This can only be minimized by applying masking tape to the veneer face which holds the veneer tight as the pressure of the punch presses downward and outward. In its very essence, that style of tool is destined to create problems.

Our Improved Inside-Bevel Design
With the help of a master tool maker and several fine woodworkers around the country, a new design was created with a simple change that makes a huge difference. Unlike traditional punches, this tool has the bevel on the inside. This practically eliminates any external splitting and with this revised design, the pressure of the bevel is inward toward to the patch piece. A veneer punch like this is simple, effective, and long overdue.


  • PThis item is made in the USA!recision machined cutting head of solid A2 tool steel
  • Hardened cutting edge
  • Irregular, cloud-like profile minimizes patch visibility
  • Exclusive inverted grind eliminates outside veneer splitting
  • Solid brass handle with hex profile, handle is 4.75" long
  • Rubberized foam center platen secures veneer for a clean cut and easy patch removal

Each Sold Separately
Small - 5/8"          Medium - 1"          Large - 1 3/8"      (sizes are approximate)


  • We allow just one punch per order. Please contact us to order two or more.
  • This tool must be used properly! Failure to follow the instructions included with the tool will result in damage to the cutting edge which is not covered by the warranty.
  • We can not ship these tools outside of the USA.
  • Not for use with veneers exceeding 1/40" thick.
  • The cutting edge of this tool is very sharp.
  • Learn more about dealing with veneer defects by clicking here.

pg-warning-yellow.jpg WARNING: Safety should be your highest priority when working with this tool. It is your responsibility to make sure you use this tool in a safe manner and in accordance with all safety policies in the work area. Wear appropriate safety equipment including hand and eye protection while using this tool. Always store the tool inside the box. Use of this tool is at your own risk. JWW Services Inc. doing business as disclaims all responsibility for any resulting damage, injury or expense.

pg-warning-yellow.jpg WARNING: Brass products can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit

Why do I have to use veneer softener when I punch the veneer?
The tool edge is fragile. The cutting edge will be damaged if the punch is struck on a dry veneer. The veneer must be wet with softener when the punch is used.

Do I have to buy veneer softener with the punch?
No. We include an 8 oz. bottle of veneer softener with every punch that is shipped.

How many punches are included?
Each punch is sold separately.

Why can't I buy more than one punch at a time?
Please contact us for details about this.

Can I make three seperate orders for one of each size?
No. Doing so will force us to cancel all of the orders.

What size should I buy?
In my shop I use the 5/8" punch most often.

Product Reviews

  1. Quality Products, Handling, Customer Service, and People

    Review by Barry Kirk

    Quality tools, worth the money, handled by quality people, well packed for shipping and expedited very quickly and kept well up to date with comments and helpful tips from Joe and Christine. You don't see customer service like this anymore. Buy it here. You'll feel better. A really solid business model. Great web site. You can't ask for too much.

  2. Worth Every Penny

    Review by David Zaret

    I'm just starting a very high end walnut burl kitchen, and this punch has already paid for itself many times over. It's incredibly well made, it's sharp, and it just works. If you do a lot of veneering with figured woods, it's worth getting all three sizes.

  3. Review from Wichita, KS

    Review by Bill Kluge

    This is a very well made and useful tool that looks like it will last for years. The shipping was almost immediate and I am delighted with the transaction. I have been a customer for years and have always been pleased with both the service and the products.

  4. Review from Ottawa ON

    Review by Douglas Pelchat

    After some hesitation due to the price, I purchased this tool and only regret not buying it sooner. I operate a custom shop and the first job I used the tool for was on a veneered white ash burl top for a built-in (12 feet long x 2 feet wide). The lay-up of that much burl meant dealing with voids, bark inclusions and other flaws in the veneer. I patched at least 6-7 areas with the punch and, while I can find them because I know where they are, the customer was delighted with the finished product - all that matters!

    The tool is simple to use and the irregular shape of the patches makes it very difficult to see the finished repair. The steel does require attention if stored in a humid environment - I coat with jojoba oil when not in use. Highly recommended.

  5. Worth Its Weight In Gold

    Review by Randy C

    I was a little leery about spending money on this, but after I received this tool. I gave it a try. It was easy to use and created a flawless patch in laurel burl veneer. When held up, the patch was invisible. I mean invisible. This tool is worth its weight in gold if you do a lot of veneering.

  6. Probably the Finest Tool I've Owned

    Review by Chuck Newcomb (Atlanta, GA)

    At first, I was worried that this tool would arrive and I'd be disappointed. I bought a veneer punch from [another supplier] and it didnt work nearly as well as it should.

    But this tool is outstanding! The machining is flawless and it just feels good in the hand. I've used it for a dozen veneered projects where the burl had some bark issues. Each punched piece came out perfectly.

    I've bought a good number of things from this website and I've yet to have any problems. In this day of poor service and shoddy products, this company really stands out.

  7. Fast Shipping - Quality Tool - Great Customer Service

    Review by William N.

    This veneer punch tool is a lot like this website. It work perfectly and its designed for ordinary people. I've punched at least 120 patches since I first bought the tool 6 months ago and the edge is still as sharp as the day I bought it. To get a good clean cut you have to read to the directions that are included. Its very easy to get a perfect cut every time.

    I dont remember the specifics of my order, but I know it arrived quickly and didnt cost a fortune to ship it. The customer service here by Joe is top notch too.

  8. A Great Tool For Any Veneer User

    Review by Charlie Cole

    I bought the full set of punches and have been very happy with the quality of this tool. The tool steel on the cutter head is machined flawlessly and the brass handle gives the tool a nice comfortable feel. I was surprised by the weight of the tool. It's actually heavier than it looks. Overall, I couldnt ask for more from this product. This is a great website too!

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