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Veneer Joint Tape - Quick Stitch™
Waterless Veneer Tape
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Product Description

pg-veneer-tape-waterless-image.jpgOver the years, I've tried countless self-adhesive splicing tapes hoping to find one perfect for vacuum veneering. Some were too strong and impossible to remove after pressing a veneered panel. Others were not strong enough to hold the veneer seam tight. When I found a tape that I thought was just right, it turned out to be problematic because it contaminated the veneer face with adhesive after 1,400lbs of pressure was applied from my vacuum press. Blue painter's tape is a great example; it will hold a joint tight and remove easily but if you leave it on the veneer face during pressing, you'll find that it leaves a deep residue which can make staining and finishing a major headache.

Not long ago, one of our customers made a suggestion for me to try a tape that he had been using in a vacuum press and getting exceptional results. I ordered samples and found the same positive outcome. The manufacturer tweaked the tape a little to make it work even better. We call it "Quick Stitch" because it is the fastest usable veneer tape available.

pg-veneer-tape-waterless-image.gifThere's a lot to love about this tape!

  • It requires no moistening.
  • It is strong enough to hold even stubborn joints tight.
  • It does not stain the veneer face.
  • It is very easy to remove when used correctly.

Length: 175'
Width: 1"
Thickness: .20mm (approximately)

Always test the tape on the same species/grain in scrap veneer before use on a project. The importance of testing this tape on a scrap piece of your project's veneer can not be overstated.

Cut a clean edge on the veneers to be jointed/spliced. A sharp veneer saw is ideal for this task. Align the mating edges and hold tight with finger pressure. Place a small strip of Quick Stitch tape across the joint on the veneer face at 4 to 6 inch intervals. Then apply a fulll-length strip over the entire joint line. Press firmly with finger pressure. Flip the veneer face over and inspect the joint for gaps. If the joint is tight, flip the veneer back over so the face is upright.

Set your vacuum press for no more than 21" of Hg. Pressing at a higher vacuum level will cause the stick to aggressively stick to the veneer, and for this same reason we do not recommend this tape when clamping with any means other than a vacuum press.

Prepare the substrate with the proper veneer adhesive and lay the veneer onto the project panel. After pressing, simply remove the tape by pulling it off slowly at a 45 degree angle left or right of the joint line. Do not leave the tape on the project surface for more than 6 hours. If the tape is difficult to remove or pulls up splinters from the veneer, simply warm the tape with a hair dryer before proceeding. Sand and finish the veneered panel.

Note from Joe:
This tape has polarized its users. There have been concerns emailed to me about difficulty removing the tape from certain species, but a bit of heat can help with this issue. There are also some species that tear out easily if the tape is removed too aggressively. Mahogany is one in which most people seem to have this issue. The strange thing is that there are many people who absolutely swear by this tape and won't use anything else. I stopped offering this tape for several months and the feedback during that time was more than a little unpleasant. Some users (hobbyists, small cabinet shops, and a few larger companies) practically demanded that I offer it again. It's now back on my site and I encourage veneer users to at least try it out, but with the suggestion that it may not be the perfect tape for every species.

What can I do to remove the tape without it pulling up the wood fibers on brittle veneers?
The grain in some veneer species can be tedious to work with. Mahogany is a good example because its grain splinters off very easily. Before you start the main project, it is always a good idea to check out the tape on a scrap or test panel. Some users have provided feedback that they were able to mitigate tearing issues with stubborn or sensitive veneers by heating the tape with a clothes iron. When using this technique, it is important to avoid excessive pressure on the tape as this can cause the adhesive to migrate onto the veneer. In this process, the goal is simply to warm the tape and not fully heat it.

What caused the tape to be so hard to remove?
This is a pressure sensitive tape so if you apply too much pressure (or press for too long) the tape will aggressively bond to the veneer face and it will be difficult to remove. Do not apply more than 21" Hg vacuum and avoid pressing longer than 6 hours.

Is this tape suitable for marquetry other complex layups?
Probably not, but it may depend on the species being used.

Why is this tape thicker than regular veneer tape?
If it were thinner, the tape would be difficult to remove in one piece. Though it is .002" thicker, you won't have any problems with a layer of tape causing surface defects on the project panel.

Will this tape work with a hot press?
No. The heat will cause the adhesive on the tape to get gummy and it will not remove cleanly.

Product Reviews

  1. Quality is Outstanding

    Review by John Garrett

    Been buying a lot of stuff the last few months to get me back into marquetry. Prices are great. Service is great. Quality is outstanding. A complete one stop veneer center. Everyone on my Christmas list is going to get gifts made with veneers from their fantastic sample box of incredible veneers!(which looks sold out! Shows what a value it was!)

  2. A Perfect Clamping Tape

    Review by Jay T Scott

    I use all shop sawn veneers in my work. They end up at about 3/32” in thickness and this tape has the holding strength and stretch to keep them clamped snugly while edge gluing. You will definitely want to be sure to remove it before you put it in the vacuum bag as it becomes extremely difficult to remove after clamping. When you forget and find some the heat gun works well to soften the adhesive for easy removal.

  3. Much Easier to Work With

    Review by Kevin Kendrick

    Only tape I'll ever use from now on. Worked perfectly! No issues removing the tape after bringing the panels back out of the vacuum bag. If you've been using the other tapes with holes, try this stuff out, much easier to work with.

  4. Great Tape

    Review by Mike Harris

    This tape works great. Comes off fairly easy. If it doesn’t just a little heat from a heat gun and it comes right off. This has become my go to tape. Also working with Joe and Veneer Supplies is always a pleasure.

  5. No More Water

    Review by Craig Newton

    This product is excellent. After using water based tape for years I decided to give this a try. I can now build a panel and put in the press as quickly as I complete it. Gone are the days of waiting for the old fashioned tape to dry.

  6. Perfect... Remove in a Warm Area

    Review by Michael Deputy

    Held my pieces together fantastically with very little residue after removal (I was able to very lightly sand any spots with residue, and they went away immediately). My only suggestion would be to make sure you're tape is at least normal room temperature when removing as a previous comment states. I was in a very cold garage, and I had to roll off about half of it with decent pressure. Still very happy.

  7. Well worth the cost.

    Review by K. Mitchell

    Have used this tape in the past in guitar construction. It's easy to use and strong enough to hold when you apply tension without tearing. Well worth the cost.

  8. Review from Salt Lake City, UT

    Review by Tim Wolfe

    When you really need a tough tape to hold panels to the substrate from both sides, or to hold panels tightly together this tape is super tough and won't tear. After pressing, be sure you are in a warm room to remove - sometimes you need to roll it off with the thumb if it sticks, but there is no residue and it holds tight.

  9. Review from Toronto, Canada

    Review by Richard Kalnins

    Just bought a dozen roles! My latest job was with burl white oak. Regular veneer tape is fine for sheets that are flat and pliable like paper. For veneers that do not share this characteristic - - burl white oak - this tape does a tremendous job at keeping the seams down and together. It took me only one seam on this tougher veneer to realize that this will now be my default tape for veneering. Do yourselves a favor and buy just one role and give it a try. That is what I did!

  10. This Tape Works Great

    Review by Eric S.

    This tape works great. I use a heat gun to remove it though and if any adhesive residue remains, I tack it off with some of the same tape. Way easier to work long seams than traditional tape.

  11. Great tape, but not for every veneer.

    Review by Rod T.

    I have used several rolls of Joe's favorite veneer tape and it works really well. Easy to apply and holds the joint tightly. I nearly always have to heat gently with a hot air gun to remove it - watch out because overheating will leave you with glue residue to rub off. This tape is much thicker than old style veneer tape and on softer woods it can leave an impression. Not a problem if you can sand it out, but tricky if you are working with stained or very thin veneer.

  12. Works Too Well

    Review by B. Breck

    This product is does what it says. It holds veneer pieces tight at the joint. I use it on the face side and then press my panel. Its a good product but sometimes the tape is a bit too tacky and I've twice had struggles to remove it. Joe suggested using a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive and that worked fine. Just remember to pull the tape off slowly and use a sharp angle (pull the tape off low to the surface).

  13. The Joint Holds Surprisingly Well

    Review by Eric Randese

    I think I was one of the first people to get some of this tape from this website. I bought it because I do quite a bit of veneer lay outs in my shop. My partner cuts the sheets and I tape them together and press them. This tape works as advertised. I was surprised by how well the joint is held tight during a pressing and even more surprised by how easy it was to remove compared to regular tape. Tape removal has always been a tedious and time consuming part of jointing veneers. Lets not forget that time is money. With that in mind, this tape pays for itself. Shipping was reasonable on my order and the customer service here is top notch.

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