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Vacuum Pump - Thomas 3.15 CFM
120 VAC
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Product Description

I'm almost sold out of these pumps and I do not expect to get any more. These pumps have been offered on my site for nearly 14 years and our supplier is no longer willing to buy and rebuild them. It's the end of an era!

This heavy duty double piston vacuum pump is ideal for vacuum veneering as well as bending and laminating veneer over odd shaped forms. These are also superb for vacuum clamping bench work and vacuuming chucking lathe pieces. The same pumps sell new for $399.95 or more! This product is only a pump. It is not a vacuum pressing or vacuum clamping system.

Pump Instructions: PDF (please read before purchasing this pump)

Rebuilt Condition
These pumps that were removed from service and rebuilt. Each pump has new piston seals, runs like new, and comes with a 30 day limited warranty if purchased along with any one of our vacuum press kits. We are now including a brand new motor capacitor with each pump!


  • Flow-through ventilation provides superior cooling and low operating temperature
  • Long-life impregnated cylinder is hard coated with aluminum alloy for greater durability
  • Balanced eccentric provides smooth, low-vibration operation
  • Thermally protected motor
  • Manufactured and rebuilt in the USA
  • Permanently lubricated ball bearing construction for long service-free life even in continuous duty applications


  • Design: Oil-less Double Piston
  • Power Requirement: 120 VAC
  • Start-Up Amps: 9.7
  • Run Amps: 5.5
  • Thomas Pump with Project: EVS KitMaximum Vacuum: 24" Hg
  • Maximum Bag Pressure: 1,700 lbs/sqr ft
  • Air Evacuation: 3.15 CFM
  • Port Size: 1/4 NPT
  • Blower Design: Air-Over-Motor
  • Capacitor: Included
  • Exhaust Muffler: Included
  • Cylinder: Aluminum Alloy
  • Sound Rating: 68 dB
  • Duty Rating: Continuous
  • Construction: Permanently Lubricated Ball Bearings
  • Electrical Connection: 10" Wire Leads (no plug end)
  • Weight: 18 lbs (approximately)


  • Each operates at like-new efficiency and capacity.
  • This pump does not have fan guards. It's a good idea to cover the blades for safety.
  • The mounting screw option includes four machine screws for mounting the pump to your carrier.
  • An exhaust muffler is included with the vacuum pump.
  • No vacuum damper or relay is needed for the Project: EVS kit with this pump.
  • To make installation easy, I have written a special set of wiring instructions for this pump when used with the EVS system.
  • We do not offer a 220/240v version of this pump and a 220/240v transformer will not work.
  • This item is a vacuum pump. It is not suitable for use in creating pressurized air.

What is the warranty on this pump?
We provide a 30 day limited warranty on this pump when purchased with and used exclusively with a vacuum press kit. No warranty is provided for vacuum pumps that are ordered without a vacuum press kit. This product is warranted for non-commercial use only.

What is the model number of the pump?
We have several models in stock but all operate to the same vacuum specifications. Some models are Thomas 2660CE37 and 2660CE50 vacuum pumps and some are 2650 models. There may be other model numbers mixed into our stock as well. We can not ship an exact model number as we simply pull pumps from the top of the stack.

Can this pump be used to generate air pressure?
It is not designed for that type of use as it will cause the pressure valves to break prematurely. There is no warranty if you buy this pump and use it for creating compressed air. Consider this fair warning. No returns are accepted accepted on this pump for any reason unless you buy it with a vacuum press kit.

What size screw is need to mount this pump?
The pump mounting holes use 1/4"-20 screws. There is thread-locking compound in the holes which makes it tight but this size screw will work without issue.

How does my altitude affect the maximum vacuum level of this pump?
There is a loss of approximately 1" of Hg for every 1,000 feet above sea level. For example, at 5,000 feet above sea level the most vacuum this pump will create is 20.5" of Hg. The generally accepted minimum for vacuum pressing a veneer is 17" of Hg.

Can this pump be used for vacuum chucking?
There is no safe way to answer this question. More information needs to be provided. You would need to know three things...

  1. What is the surface area where the chuck attaches to the project?
  2. Is the project material porous? (some species of wood are very porous)
  3. How much weight will be held on the chuck at turning speed?

With these bits of information, you can calculate a number that will help you determine if the pump is safe to use for chucking. Continue on to the next question.

How much clamping force will the pump create for vacuum chucking?
This is based on a calculation using the maximum sustainable vacuum level and the surface area where the project is attached to the chuck. A smaller attachment area means less clamping/chucking force. A large industrial pump capable of pulling a very high vacuum may not be suitable for chucking if the vacuum surface area of the project is small. You have to calculate the vacuum surface area on your project first. Then determine what amount of vacuum you are capable of applying to the project. With this information, you can determine the total clamping force on the project and consider whether or not it is enough to safely hold your project while it is being turned. Here is the method for calculating the clamping force.

  1. Determine the surface area of the vacuum attachment point. In most cases, the vacuum chuck will be circular so use Pi (roughly 3.14) to determine this number. The formula starts by taking the diameter and dividing by two. This gives you the radius. Then multiply the radius by 3.14 and then multiply it again by the radius. Let's use a chuck diameter of 6" and determine the surface area. Divide 6 by 2. That makes 3 so then multiply 3 times 3.14 (Pi), then multiply that again by 3. mu
    6 ÷ 2 = 3
    3 x 3.14 = 9.42
    3 x 9.42 = 28.26

    So here we have 28.26 square inches in a 6" diameter chucking surface.
  2. Determine the maximum sustainable vacuum level that you can reach with your project piece attached to the vacuum chuck simply by placing it on the chuck and turning on your vacuum pump. A non-porous material that is chucked to your lathe will typically achieve the same level of maximum vacuum that your pump is capable of achieving. In other words, the project material itself allows no loss of vacuum therefor the pump will achieve its best available vacuum.
    In the following example let's assume that the project material is non-porous and that the pump can generate 25" of Hg. For every inch of Hg vacuum, you get .49 lbs per square inch of pressure. Multiply .49 by the vacuum level that the pump can create.

    .49 x 25 = 12.25 (this is how much pressure in pounds that you are getting per square inch)
  3. Multiply 28.26 x 12.25 to get 346.19 lbs of force holding your project to the lathe.
  4. Now only you can decide if that is enough chucking force to safely hold your project.

What if the chucking project is porous? How do I determine if this pump is suitable?
Unfortunately, there is no way to determine this without actually placing the project on a vacuum chuck. You would need to determine the actual maximum sustainable vacuum and this will vary across each project you try out depending on the size and porosity of the material.

What pump do you recommend for vacuum chucking?
I can only suggest one thing... the bigger, the better. Several of our customers are using 3 CFM vacuum sources for chucking but most are opting for 5 CFM vacuum sources.

What is the size of the pump?
It is approximately 10" long, 5" deep, and 8" tall.

How large of a bag can this pump handle?
This pump is suitable for bags up to 4' x 9' for flat panel work. For curved work with large volumes of air inside, this pump will handle up to a 4' x 4' vacuum bag.


Product Reviews

  1. Excellent Pump at a Great Price!

    Review by Jon Butler

    Excellent quality pump. Super quiet and efficient. With the rest of the kit and the plans this is incredible value. Everything went together smoothly and quickly with really clear instructions. For a few hours of work you end up with a really great vacuum press that would probably cost twice as much elsewhere.

  2. Incredible Pump for the Price

    Review by Joe Polich

    This is an incredible pump for the price. I had it wired and running in 20 minutes. Extremely quiet too! lLet it pull vacuum for over 2 hours and the pump was still cool to the touch.

  3. Great Quality

    Review by Dave Craft

    Good stuff here. The compressor fits my applications that I do here at the shop. Top notch folks to deal with. They were very patient with me on the initial questions I had.

  4. Lathe Vacuum Chuck

    Review by Mike Gray

    Bought this pump for a lathe vacuum chuck. Delivery was fast, and the pump was delivered as ordered. I got my system set up and I couldn't be more impressed in this quality of pump, and the price. Thanks again for great service, and a great product.

  5. Great Service

    Review by Tom Wood

    I use this Thomas 3.13 CFM pump as a air pump for my pond. I connect the pump's exhaust to a 1" black poly tube running it to an air stone at the bottom of my pond which removes the thermal barrier in the pond. Pump is quiet and has lasted me several years. Joe gives great service.

  6. Great Job!

    Review by Richard Stiles

    This is a great little pump at an excellent price. I cant say enough good things about this web site, full of info, well put together, etc.

  7. Great Pump for the Money!

    Review by Ted Edwards

    The pump was shipped on the day promised and packaged well arriving on time with no damage. After buying several other pumps for my lathe vacuum chuck it was great to have this one that worked well, provided plenty of vacuum and was quiet!

  8. Glad I Decided On This Pump

    Review by Sean Nolan

    The bottom of the base had a slight hump (maybe a millimeter) between the feet on both ends which caused the pump to rock slightly. The base is aluminum, so I did some quick filing to prevent any chance of flexing the body when it was bolted down. I ended up putting some rubber washers under the feet to minimize vibration, so the filing really wasn't necessary.

    The aluminum top was a bit dull with oxidation for my taste, so I removed it and spray painted it. Let's be honest: there was no need to do this; I just wanted it to be shiny.

    A couple of bonuses:

    1. Shipping was ridiculously fast.
    2. It runs much quieter than I expected. When it's running, you could easily have a conversation right next to it using a normal voice.

    The price and the fact that it works flawlessly make it one of those satisfying purchases, especially when you consider how long and often you will use it.

  9. Great Pump at a Very Low Price

    Review by Dave Boling

    The pump arrived in excellent condition. Once it was incorporated into the Project: EVS kit (also well worth the money), it has performed flawlessly. Technical support from Joe was also prompt and helpful.

  10. Great Little Pump...

    Review by Dan Goldstein

    Great little pump for a great price. Arrived intact, and on time. I have been using it for vacuum hold down of small parts on my shopbot. Doesn't get hot after many hours use.

  11. Thomas 3.15 Pump is a Winner!

    Review by John Dingman

    Because of the price I was expecting this to be something that may need some work but this is a great pump and works flawlessly! i am really impressed in it for the price. This is a great buy!!!

  12. Perfect Vacuum Pump for Small Part CNC and Vacuum Bags

    Review by Max Girouard

    Bought one of these from Joe about 7 years ago to hold down parts on my CNC. Getting back into veneer work so buying a second for my vacuum bag setups. Great pump at an even better price.

  13. Super Fast and High Quality

    Review by Eric Dant

    This thing got here so fast I wasn't even ready to put it all together! Joe was quick with the parts and now its on me to get it all working!!!

  14. What a Great Deal!!!

    Review by Frank W. Cohen

    My pump arrived just two days after I ordered. I put a gauge on it and powered it up as soon as it got here. I'm getting 25 and a half inches of mercury! That is more than enough for vacuum veneering. Not I just need to assemble the EVS system. This is a great deal at $104 dollars. My total cost to build is going to be under $300 and that is sweet as can be. This website is a great resource and the owners here are incredibly helpful.

  15. Excellent Condition

    Review by David McWilliams

    My pump arrived today and it is in excellent condition. It came with a capacitor and an exhaust fitting. Also included is a sheet of instructions for hooking up the pump. Couldn't ask for more. It is that attention to detail that I like with dealing with this company. Your website also houses a wealth of information. Thanks.

  16. Review from Hermitage, TN

    Review by Sam Beckman

    Used this pump for vacuum bagging as soon as I got it. Did great. Tried a new Chinese pump off ebay last week and it burned up in 3 hours. Quality equipment, hard to find parts, free expert advice. So glad I found Joe!

  17. Review from El Cajon, CA

    Review by Matt Wydro

    I have had one of these pumps for a few years now used for vacuum chucking on the lathe. It has performed flawlessly and would totally recommend it as it is an excellent deal.

    I built a wooden enclosure around it that has open mesh covered ends for the air flow to the motor, then I just wired in a switch and put together a bleeder valve system with a 1/4" quick coupler that I connect to my lathe vacuum adapter.

    It holds everything from big to small bowls to hollow forms. Couldn't be happier!

  18. Review from Vancouver, Canada

    Review by Cynthia Abiabi

    This is the 2nd pump I ordered from Joe and just like the first one, it is good value for the money. Unlike most of the people here, I use my vacuum system to make foot orthotics and its been very consistent with what it does for my kind of work. Highly recommended

  19. Review from Hendersonville, NC

    Review by Tim Johnson

    Great pump for the money. Order was received promptly with no hassles.

  20. Review from Seneca, NY

    Review by Joseph Tobin

    When I started shopping for a vacuum pump to do some clamping on my work bench I only found pumps that were too slow, too expensive, or too junky. So I contacted Joe and got some information on this pump. He shipped it the same day I ordered and it arrived safely. It has been in daily use now for over a month and it is still strong and yet quiet. No problems to report at all and overall, I couldnt be happier with it.

  21. Review from Kapolei,Hawaii

    Review by Jerry Himalaya

    I bought this pump based on the reviews here. I must say as stated its a great buy for my first vacuum pump application. My suggestion if you purchase this pump don't forget the Continuous Run kit that sells here for $82.50. This kit makes final assembly a breeze. Mine was up and running in 30 minutes. Last but not least, I've been getting 27" hg at sea level. Thanks Again Joe for such a great pump.

  22. The best pump for the money

    Review by Jerry Wooden

    Don't you get tired of 5 star ratings? I don't, and I want you to know that this product earns it. It is the best pump for the money on the market. I even saved $10 by getting the one with a little rust. I could tell a difference. I was in an emergency situation so I just hooked up the pump through a value directly to my bag and wham, no problems. Thank you for offering this great deal

  23. Extremely Pleased

    Review by John L.

    After searching the internet, Craigs List, and want-ads I purchased this vacuum pump and I am extremely pleased as it more that does the job. It was easy to set-up, the intake and exhaust ports were clearly marked. This wiring was a simple standard 110v connection. Surprisingly quiet motor. I have it pulling 22 to 24 inches of mercury on my lathe vacuum system haven't lost a bowl yet.

  24. You Don't Have to Look Any Further...

    Review by Roger Knapp

    I bought this pump to build my own vacuum press. I wanted one of quality that would work well for many years to come. This pump is meeting all my expectations. Building the project was easy following Joe's detailed instructions on this web site. You don't have to look any further than here for a good pump.

  25. Amazing Work Horse

    Review by Humberto D

    I have had this pump since December 2007, never broke down, just amazing work horse. I highly recommend this pump.

  26. Gret Pump At The Best Price And Service

    Review by Rick D.

    I just received the Thomas 3.15 cfm pump with the continuous run kit. I will be using this for guitar making. The same idea is sold at well known luthier supply houses, but this system takes the cake! At 3.15 cfm, we aren't messing around, and the pump runs real smooth and quiet!

    If you want serious vacuum for guitar making, but you would rather put your hard earned dollars toward some really great tonewood, this is the system for you. You won't find a better pump at this price anywhere else.

  27. Great Pump

    Review by Butch D.

    Easily exceeded all my expectations. So far pump has been ON for 40 hours (5 continuous 8 hour runs) and vacuum is consistently better than 25" of Hg. Also pump is tiny, lightweight, quiet and very low vibration.

  28. No Better Pump For The Money

    Review by Gerry Whelan

    My pump came in last week from Joe and I was absolutely amazed that a pump this nice could be had for a hundred bucks. These are easily worth $160 or more. My pump looks like it just came off the assembly line and to be honest, if it didnt say it was rebuilt, I would have thought it was brand new.

    I wanted to build a vacuum press a few months ago and when I tried to buy this pump, I found it was not in stock. Joe quickly replied to my inquiry and said that more pumps were on the way and that he was lowering the price of them this time. Where else do you find this kind of customer service and prices? No where. I dont know what else to write about this pump and Joe's website. I think it speaks for itself in many ways. You'll have no problems with this company.

  29. Budget Buyer's Pump

    Review by N. Culpepper

    I'm retired and on a fixed income so I have to be careful with my funds and I dont always get the best or newest tools. My friend recommended this pump since he owns one. The reviews shown here are all good one and mine is not much different. The vacuum pump is made by Thomas Vacuum Pumps and the rebuild sticker on it indicated a date of just a few weeks ago. The product information for this pump says they are a little dirty but mine looks almost new. For $120 bucks, I dont think I could have found a better and more reliable pump.

  30. This Pump is Better Than I Expected

    Review by Nicolas S.

    I've been looking for a pump like this for a year. Everywhere its $300 or more. Even salvage companies are asking $160 to $180 for this pump (same specs!). I ordered one from Veneersupplies and built it into my pressing system and then I took it to my local woodworking club. Before I knew it, everyone was asking about my system and I told everyone how great of an experience I had with this website. I live in Oregon so I thought the shipping costs were going to be high but I found the rates here to be excellent. My pump shipped on the same day that I ordered it.

  31. Save time -- buy from Joe

    Review by Robert Edney

    I initially built one of the compressor run pumps (venturi type) from Joe's plans, using parts I ordered here. Worked exactly as advertised. My compressor, however, is noisy and draws fairly high amperage. I decided to try one of these rebuilt pumps and it was a great move. Quiet, uses a lot less power than the compressor, easy to set-up, etc. Joe's plans are great, his prices are fair and I've no idea how he ships so quickly! It may sound like I'm his brother-in-law, but I'm not, just a very satisfied customer impressed with a genuinely well-run business.

  32. Rebuilt Thomas Vacuum Pump

    Review by John Makar

    Consider carefully before you buy. I live at an altitude of 6,000 ft in Colorado. Max rated Hg pull on this pump is 24"Hg. Subtract an inch for each 1,000 ft of altitude and you are down to around 18"Hg pull. If you use this pump in the EVS design in that situation, your low vacuum pressure is going to be in the range of 14"Hg - on the low side of the pressure you may want for veneering.

    I have found that this pump actually performs better than that, depending on some things. In cold air, such as my unheated shop in winter, I have to run this thing in continuous mode to get the vacuum I need. In that situation I am getting 17"Hg to 19"Hg consistently. I tend to avoid that situation, because in that temperature range almost all glues start doing funky things.

    In warmer air, I can get up to +20"Hg pull, and in that situation I can run fairly reliably in auto-cycling mode with some very long intervals between on/off - much better than the 30 minutes JWW cites as normal. Above 70degrees F, this pump has pulled better than 21"Hg, which in theory probably shouldn't happen.

    Same pump, same system. The pump is rated for continuous run, and probably has many 100s of hours on the life in that mode. If you plan to use this pump above 5,000 ft elevation, plan on using it at least part-time in continuous mode. I did not do a dual wiring setup. I calibrated the vacuum controller in warm air for a +19"Hg pull, and when it doesn't achieve it, it simply runs continuously.

  33. Perfect for my vacuum system

    Review by Jack Himmelman

    Being a budding woodworker means I'm on a budget so I needed to be cautious about the total price of my vacuum system. This pump worked out great because its not too expensive and it pulls a fast vacuum. The pump includes the muffler and the capacitor so you just need the EvS kit with it to get your press going. I received my order promptly and Joe was very helpful with my questions before and after ordering. I will buy from here again.

  34. Everything Went Together Great

    Review by Brad Strong

    I purchased this pump to use with the Project CRS Continuous Run Pump Vacuum Press Kit. Everything went together great. It pulls down my 2' x 6' bag very quickly. It seems to be an excellent quality pump and it saved me some money.

  35. This Pump Is So Sweet

    Review by Rick Lowell

    This pump is so sweet, I came back for a second one to run a dula pump vacuum press system. As always, Joe's customer service, shipping, and prices are impeccable. If you are looking to save a few bucks, this pump is perfect. It runs quietly and without much vibration.

  36. I Doubt This Can Get Any Better

    Review by Mike Lowthrop

    I bought this pump to go with the vacuum press kit. With Joe's instructions, the kit assembled easily and the pump runs perfectly. I thought about buying a brand new pump but I decided to save some money and go with this one. I'm very happy with my choice. The pump runs cool and pulls a very fast vacuum. Overall, I doubt this could get any better.

  37. It's A Great Performer

    Review by Dave Skowron

    I rely on a vacuum system for my livelyhood. I had one and it worked out ok, but it was a little weak. I use it exclusively as a clamping system, not a veneering system. I had decided to get a new one and did a little searching on the web. I was about to bid on a pump on eBay until I read the information here on Joe's site. I decided to get his rebuilt Thomas pump and one of the kits he offers. I couldn't be happier with that decision. After spending an additional 20 bucks or so at a hardware store to get the things I needed to make it work in my specific application, this system has perfomred so much better than I ever expected. It's a great performer and has added a little boost to my productivity. Those of you in business for yourself will agree that every minute saved is a few more pennies in the paycheck. Thanks Joe, for a great product. It's well thought out and priced at half what I paid for a smaller 1/8" system.

    Dave Skowron
    Red Bear Trading Company

  38. I Couldn't Be Happier

    Review by Steve Rozmiarek

    Excellent value! I bought the works from Joe, and couldn't be happier! The pump is quiet and fast, the bags quality is awsome and the parts kit made it all easy to put together. I was pressing veneer in one weekend, for a fraction of what the others charge, plus I think my system is much better quality then most of the pre assembled systems on the market. Thanks Joe!

  39. What A Fantastic Deal

    Review by Fred Jensen

    I purchased one of these rebuilt pumps thinking it was a good deal. WRONG!!! It was a fantastic deal. The pump ordered along with a builder's kit arrived on schedule and was packed very carefully. All items were there. I was able to build the initial model up to the point of testing for leaks and adjusting the vacuum controller in about four hours. The unit is really quiet and very reliable. I will be spending more time refining the platform and support structure and doing some other modifications to suit several different applications. The point is though, that for around 350.00 and a few hours time invested, I have a working useable vacuum system that would rival almost any professionally built vacuum press system on the market and at an unbelievably affordable price.

  40. Service Is Wonderful

    Review by Richard Meyer

    Joe, Service is wonderful, ordered on Thursday and received on next Monday. Assembled pump using details from several pumps shown on web site and some of my own ideas. Works GREAT! Thanks for your quick service. Will be placing more orders soon. Dick

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