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Vacuum Chucking Add-On



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Product Description

pg-vacuum-chuck.jpgA vacuum chuck for lathe work is a valuable tool. It allows bowls, platters, lids, and many other projects to be completely cleanly and without leaving any tool markings. This 25-piece kit gives you the parts to assemble a vacuum chucking jig for use with the vacuum press systems offered here at It is important that your lathe will accommodate this add-on so be certain to read the instructions before you make your purchase.

Kit Contents

  • O-ring (1-3/8")
  • Double Sealed Ball Bearing (1-3/8")
  • Fender Washers (3)
  • Wood Screws (7, #10 x 3/4")
  • HDPE Jig (8" x 8" x 3/4")
  • HD Vacuum Gauge
  • Pipe Union (2)
  • Brass Tee (2)
  • Street Elbow (2)
  • Close Nipple
  • Vacuum Valve
  • Breather Fitting
  • Lock-On Fitting (new style)
  • Vacuum Chuck Gasket Tape

pg-warning-yellow.jpg WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit

Please Note

  • We recently changed the lock-on connector that is included with our vacuum press kits. Please click here for more information. To use this clamping add-on, you will need to order an updated lock-on connector if you have the old version.
  • This kit does not include the outboard faceplate or sanding disk for attaching the HDPE jig to the lathe. You can puchase a faceplate from the manufacturer of your lathe.
  • This kit requires a vacuum pump with a minimum of 3 CFM vacuum flow.


Optional Bearing Assembly
For a small fee, I'll complete the task of filing down the pipe union fitting and adhering it to the ball bearing with JB Weld.

Learn more about this product by clicking here.

Why does this kit come with two pipe union fittings?
Only one fitting is used. A spare is included in case you shave down the threads too far when fitting the ball bearing. See the kit instructions for details.

Product Reviews

  1. Review from Geneseo, NY

    Review by Harold Hoops

    This was an easy to assemble package that worked wonderfully on my old Delta lathe. My older 6 inch Delta face plates have internal double threads that allow one to use the same faceplate on both the inboard and outboard spindles which allowed me to machine the disk more easily than described in the instructions from this website. The apparatus is exceptionally easy to put on and off and gave a very good vacuum.

    I more recently upgraded to a newer Jet 16-42 electronic variable speed lathe. The Jet does not have a conventional hand wheel and no way to attach the spinner (the motor would get in the way of a traditional outboard spindle and the sliding headstock makes outboard turning unnecessary).

    The adapter needed for the Jet was much more expensive and doesn't work any better than this kit. To bad I couldn't adapt this kit for the Jet.

    Bottom line: if your lathe takes an outboard faceplate or sanding kit and has a hollow headstock, this is a fantastic choice.

    Joe also was really helpful for a minor problem. I recommend doing business with him.

  2. Review from San Jose CA

    Review by Robert MacQuarrie

    I bought this kit several years ago after looking at others and find this excellent in both cost and function. I have used it a lot and wouldn't want to do without it.

  3. This is a better alternative to other chucking systems.

    Review by Daryl R.

    I have this chuck kit and a friend of mine has one from [another supplier]. My works just a well and cost half as much. Enough said!

  4. This Kit Works Well

    Review by Andrew Duncan

    Good kit that works well with Joe's Project EVS pump (with bypass switch mod.) I would suggest getting a filter to get the lathe crap before it hits the rest of the system. I used this with a PM 3520B and modified the bearing housing to my needs. This made the 9 x 9 HDPE superfluous for this project but nice to have for others.

    As always, Joe ships fast and pricing is good with all the work of designing and finding things already done for you.

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