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VS Elite/Extreme™ Polyurethane Material
Off Cuts





Product Description

This is our stock of polyurethane off cuts. Limited quantities available.

Vacuum Pump Inside a Vacuum BagOur polyurethane is the ultimate vacuum bagging material. It was designed for using an advanced thermoplastic polyurethane that can withstand pressures exceeding 3,750+ psi and stretch more than 6 times its width and length*. This polyurethane film has superior resilience and unmatched puncture resistance.

*Elongation and breaking strength based on ASTMD 412 test method.

Please Note
The size options shown above are for single pieces of material only. This product is not a vacuum bag.


  • Lubricant Infusion - This bag material is infused with a non-transferring lubricant that works in several ways to make vacuum bagging easy and trouble-free. This lubricant prevents most woodworking adhesives from sticking to the bag. Glue that sets on the bag simply peels right off. Unlike traditional urethane material, our lubricant-infused polyurethane allows the user to easily slide the platens and project panel into the bag without "blocking" or binding. The slippery surface makes inserting project panels a breeze.
  • TPU Modifier - VS Elite and VS Extreme polyurethane material has a thermoplastic urethane modifier which gives it the very unique ability to be permanently welded with HH-66 vinyl cement.
  • Superior Resilience - Months of extensive testing resulted in a custom formulation that is unsurpassed in durability. Our polyurethane lasts up to 10 times longer than standard 30 mil vinyl.

pg-made-in-the-usa.gifMaterial Information 

  • Softening Point: 150° F
  • Melting Point: 320° F
  • Weldable: Yes with HH-66

This product is non-returnable.
All sizes may have a crease in the middle which might not flatten out.

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