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Ultra-CAT™ Helix Mixer



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Product Description

Ultra-CAT™ glue is activated by mixing water into the powdered resin. Very small batches of adhesive can be mixed with a paint stick, but otherwise I highly recommend this helical mixing tool to achieve a smooth and lump-free blend.

Attach the mixer to a cordless drill and use at low speed. I think you'll find that mixing a batch of glue has never been easier.

The medium size mixer has a chrome plated metal shank and plastic mixing blade.
The large mixer is all chrome plated metal.

Size Options
Medium:  Blade Diameter - 2.75"    Length - 11"     Shank Diameter - 1/4"
Large:     Blade Diameter - 4"    Length - 23"     Shank Diameter - 1/2"

Both sizes are the same price!

Product Reviews

  1. Do Yourself a Favor

    Review by Al Grandon

    I've being using PPR glues (mostly from this website) for at least 10 years and everytime I mix a batch I tell myself that I will break down and buy a damn mixer on my next order. I was just using a paint stirrer and that just took forever to get the glue mixed smoothly. I took the plunge and now I wonder why the hell it took me so long to do this.

    Do yourself a favor and get one. Your arm will thank you and your supporting one of the few honest web businesses left. These are good people. You support them and you'll see that they will support you.

  2. Review from Brooklyn, NY

    Review by Reed Hansuld

    Works great. No more sore arm from mixing glues and finishes. Just chuck into your cordless drill and go. Best $8 you'll spend. Buy it.

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