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Replacement Veneer Glue Roller



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Product Description

This is the replacement roller for the veneer glue rollers we offer. Not for use with some solvent-based adhesives.

Tips from Joe
Cleaning - Be sure to clean the roller immediately after use. Warm water works wells for most water based adhesives.

Seasoning - Keep in mind that you may not be able to get the roller completely clean. It will get "seasoned" after its first use and will never quite be the same. Professional painters say a paint brush works best after its been seasoned. The same is true of this glue roller. After it has been seasoned, it will work even better and subsequent cleanings will be much easier.

Rejuvenating - If glue is allowed to harden onto the roller, try soaking it in mineral spirits overnight. Then use a scrub brush with plastic bristles to loosen any adhesive remnants. This technique will not remove every type of adhesive but it appears to work well on cold press veneer glue and water-based contact cement.

Product Reviews

  1. What they say is right.

    Review by Albert Tolchester

    These rollers are priceless for gluing applications. The foam seems to be the ideal texture and softness for applying almost any glue I've ever tried. I keep several on hand in my workshop and use them regularly and even for edge gluing boards with plain yellow glue.

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