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Paper-Backed Cherry Veneer
Flat Cut, Plank-Matched
4' x 8'



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Product Description

pg-pb-veneer-projects.jpgWhat is a "plank matched" veneer?
There are some woodworking projects where the repetitive matching of sequential veneers laid side by side can look a little too artificial for some users. These sheets are made from several different flitches of veneer so that it looks like solid lumber. Each veneer within the sheet is different in size and grain pattern.

Yes, this is real wood! Each is made from sequential sheets of wood veneer selected for outstanding character and figure. These veneers are then permanently bonded to a paper backing which allows maximum flexibility. From architectural woodwork for office and residential furniture to store fixtures, kitchen cabinets, automotive dashboards, high-end stereo speakers, and more, no other veneer has such as wide range of uses. Nothing compares to the natural elegance of our paper-backed veneers.

Staining & Finishing
Since this paper-backed veneer is a real wood product, it can be stained/dyed easily and requires no special top-coats or finishes. Aniline dyes, oil and water based stains, Transtints, polyurethane, lacquer, conversion varnish, shellac, and tung oil are all compatible with our paper-backed veneers.

Matching Species Edge Banding
To complete your veneered panel, we offer a wide array of real wood edge banding to match many of our paper-backed veneer species. Pre-glued edge banding is in stock and ready for immediate shipment. These rolls are very easy to apply and are sold in small, wide, and standard sizes. Non-glued and pre-finished edge bandings are also in stock.

Adhesive & Tool Suggestions

  • We highly recommend Titan DX™ which will bond this veneer to plywood, MDF, and particle board.
  • These veneers can also be adhered in a vacuum press with Better Bond X-Press™ veneer glue.
  • Better Bond Heat Lock™ and Flex-Pro™ work quite well if a vacuum press is not available.
  • A pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing can be selected below. This "peel and stick" adhesive by 3M™ is applied at the factory and allows you to instantly bond the veneer to a project surface.
  • A scraper tool must be used to apply backed veneers with contact cement, Flex-Pro, or PSA backing.
  • The excess veneer on a completed panel can be trimmed with a razor blade or a veneer saw, but many users get the cleanest cut with a router and a down-cutting spiral bit.

The image shown for this product is a representation of the veneer you will receive in your order. This is a product of nature so there will be variation from what is shown in color, grain, and figure.

48" (measured across the grain)
96" (measured along the grain)
The actual thickness of a 10 mil sheet is .020" +/-.005"
When comparing our veneers to others, be sure to get the right grade for your project. Many sellers offer lower quality veneers at pricing that is comparable to ours. You have to decide if the project is worth a better veneer and if the seller offers the first-class customer support you deserve.
Backing Option:
The standard paper backing is 10 mil thick. This is the ideal combination of quality and price for most uses.
Peel & Stick:
A pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing can be selected above. This "peel and stick" adhesive by 3M™ is applied at the factory and allows you to instantly bond the veneer to a project surface. Veneers that include this option are non-returnable.
Lead Time: Backing Option
10 Mil - 8 business days
20 Mil - 8 business days
w/ PSA Option
10 Mil - 8 business days
20 Mil - 8 business days
Shipping: Order as much of this veneer as you wish and the shipping cost stays the same! No additional shipping costs will be charged for adding more of this veneer to your order.
Return Policy:
Returns accepted within 30 days of receipt of shipment and are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Veneers with the PSA option are non-returnable.
Discounts are available on orders of 20 sheets or more of the same veneer. Let us know your project needs.

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