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Paper-Backed Cherry Veneer
Flat Cut (B-STOCK w/Quick-Ship)
4' x 8'
* Special Savings! *


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$70.00   ($32.00 Savings!)
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Product Description

B-STOCK ITEM: These sheets have more dark spots from pitch than we would like to see, so we are discounting them below cost for a quick sale.

48" (measured across the grain)
96" (measured along the grain)
Thickness: 10 mil - This is the ideal combination of quality and price for most uses. The actual thickness of a 10 mil sheet is .020" +/-.005".

Order before 12pm EST and your veneer will ship out on the same business day.

Staining & Finishing
Since this paper-backed veneer is a real wood product, it can be stained/dyed easily and requires no special top-coats or finishes. Aniline dyes, oil and water based stains, Transtints, polyurethane, lacquer, conversion varnish, shellac, and tung oil are all compatible with our premium paper-backed veneers.

Matching Edge BandingMatching Species Edge Banding
To help complete your panel, we offer a wide array of real wood edge banding to match many of our paper-backed veneers. These rolls are in stock and shipped same day if ordered before 12pm EST. Edge banding is very easy to apply and is offered in several sizes and types including pre-glued, non-glued, unfinished, and pre-finished.

Adhesive & Tool Suggestions

More Information

Matching Sheets:
If available for this veneer, a matching option will be shown above the "add to cart" button. Select this option if you plan to order two or more sheets of this veneer and want one sheet to reasonably match the other in terms of color and grain. A matched "set" is generally limited to two or three sheets.
Transit Time:
These veneers are in stock and shipped from directly from our warehouse in Maryland. Transit time information can be found here.
Shipping: Order as much of this veneer as you wish and the shipping cost stays the same! No additional shipping costs will be charged for adding more of this veneer to your order. These veneers can not be shipped outside of the USA.
Return Policy:
Returns accepted within 30 days of receipt of shipment and are subject to a 15% restocking fee.
The "matching" option is non-refundable.
Affordable veneer samples are available in several species and backing types.
Learn More:
Our PDF guide has answers to the most common questions about paper-backed veneer.

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