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Micra-Stone™ Sample
8" x 8"





Product Description

Stone VeneerThis is a genuine slate veneer applied to a fleece backing using a state of the art quarrying and peeling process. Though this is real stone, it is so highly flexible that it can be wrapped around a pencil. Sourced from various exotic places around the world, our stone veneer will impress the most demanding organic woodworker. There is nothing quite like the look of wood and stone in a furniture project.

Size: 8" x 8"
Quantity: 1
Thickness: .015" (+/- .005)

Our current batch of samples are from the "Flamenco" stone type.

First Class Mail Shipping: Only $3.20!   (continental USA only)

Click here to see our full size flexible stone veneer inventory.

Real Stone, Real Possibilities... 
Though it seems impossible, this is not a printed or faux sheet. Each veneer is made from real stone!

Precision Cut from Select Stone
Micra-Stone™ veneer is the thinnest flexible stone offered in the USA. It is precision milled from a premium grade of metamorphic rock harvested from quarries around the world. The cotton fleece backer strengthens the stone and gives it unmatched usability.

Use scissors to cut the veneer slightly larger than the final size of the project panel. Do not use a solvent based adhesive to bond Micra-Stone to a project surface. We highly recommend bonding this to the project panel with Titan DX™ contact cement. Keep in mind that this adhesive will only bond to porous surfaces. Apply Titan DX with a glue roller to the back of the veneer and to a project surface such as MDF, plywood, or particle board. When the adhesive becomes tacky, apply the stone veneer to the project and use a rubber roller to "set" the bond and make it permanent. Excess veneer can be trimmed with a razor knife. The completed panel can be cut to size with ordinary woodworking tools such as a table saw, miter saw, or circular saw.

A water-based acrylic polyurethane or a floor "finish" designed for unpolished stone (available at most hardware stores in the tile and flooring aisle) can be applied to this veneer to protect the surface from scratches. The best results can be obtained with a semi-gloss stone finish. Alternately, the stone veneer can be left unfinished for an organic color and natural sheen. If left unfinished, some stones can scratch easily. These scratches will often wipe off with a moist paper towel. Stone "sealers" and "wet look" finishes are not recommended as they can permanently darken the stone. Always test the finish on a scrap piece of stone veneer before applying to your project.

Suggested Uses
You can use stone veneer almost anywhere that you would use a wood veneer. If you project uses rail and style frames for a veneered or raised panel, consider using stone instead. This makes cabinet doors and furniture panels truly extraordinary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I see the listing of full size stone veneer sheets?
    Here is a link to what we have in stock.
  2. How flexible is the stone veneer?
    I've had success wrapping the smooth stone veneers around a pencil. The heavy texture veneers will typically handle no more than a 3/8" radius.
  3. How do I cut the stone veneer?
    It sounds impossible but scissors will cleanly and easily cut the stone
  4. Do you have a close-up picture showing a grade 3 texture?
    Click here to see a detailed picture of a grade 3 texture sample. Keep in mind that the texture will vary across the sheet. Some have a lot of high texture areas and some sheets have smaller areas of high texture. We grade each veneer based on the overall texture across the sheet.
  5. How are these sheets packaged?
    I put each veneer inside a 3" diameter card board tube and then box it up.
  6. Do I have to use Titan DX to apply the veneer?
    I've tested many different glues and found that most water-based adhesives work well but a premium water-based contact cement like Titan DX seems to be the strongest bond and it is definitely the easiest to apply. Do not use a solvent based adhesive to bond Micra-Stone to a project surface.
  7. Is a backer veneer needed for the panel?
    Since stone veneer does not expand and contract with changes in ambient humidty, no backer/balance veneer is needed.
  8. Do I have to sand the stone panel?
    No sanding is needed. The organic texture of the stone provides a naturally perfect surface.
  9. /product_images/uploaded_images/stone_veneer_panel.jpgCan I cut a stone veneer once it is applied to a substrate?
    A completed panel can be trimmed to size with a table saw, circular saw, or chop saw. Click here to see a picture.

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