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Makore Edge Banding
7/8" x 250'
Pre-Glued (Iron-On)





Product Description

This premium edge banding has more space between each finger joint than competing rolls and we use a unique seam pattern and sanding technique to minimize visibility at each joint. Our edge banding has been pre-sanded and is ready for easy application.

Each roll is made from furniture-grade wood veneer and has a durable hot melt adhesive applied at the factory. We do not use glue from China. Instead, we rely on Jowat brand adhesives for maximum bond strength and because this adhesive levels out irregularities in project surfaces. This German manufacturer of industrial grade adhesives has been a trusted name for more than 100 years!

Apply this edge banding by machine or with a clothes iron and edge banding trimmer.

  • Veneer Thickness: .020" to .025"
  • Adhesive Thickness: .015" (+/- .005")
  • Backing: Fleece
  • Pre-Glued: Yes
  • Pre-Sanded: Yes
  • Pre-Finished: No

Our edge banding application guide is an excellent resource for new users.

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Tip from Joe
Get a trimmer if you will be working with this edge banding. The trimming process has never been easier with this tool. It has two blades for cutting in either direction and both blades can easily be reversed if one becomes dull.

I've used one in my shop for quite some time and rarely have to change the blades. The finger-friendly design of this edge trimmer makes it safe and easy to use. I've always maintained a "simple is better" approach to most veneering tools and this item is no exception.

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