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Macassar Ebony Veneer
15 Square Feet Value Pack
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Product Description

I have a small pallet of very nice Macassar ebony veneer on hand. When you order this ebony veneer "value pack" I will send you at least 15 square feet. That is less than $3.88 per square foot! The retail price of ebony in this grade is $7 to 9 per square foot.

Order as many packs as you wish but the supply is limited. When it's sold out, I won't be able to get more at this price.

Each bundle is a random size but the widths are typically 4" to 7" and the lengths typically range from 4' to 8'.


Please Note

  • We can not select a special length or width. The size of the bundles will be random.
  • Thickness is approximately 1/42".
  • Some small end splits should be expected.


Can I request a special length or width?
We can not select special sizes. The size of the bundles will be random.

Will you please make a special exception for me and send me a certain size?
We can not select special sizes. The size of the bundles will be random.

I am your best customer so can please ship me a specific size?
We can not select special sizes. The size of the bundles will be random.

Product Reviews

  1. Excellent Ebony

    Review by Noreen Debrot

    Fabulous veneer. Strong black color with definite ebony lines. Love it and cant wait to put it to use. I'm very happy with this product. Also very well packed and shipped quickly. You can never go wrong with Joe!

  2. Wonderful...Beautiful

    Review by William F. Desmond

    This stuff is wonderful...beautiful. I have just ordered a second batch. And I haven't even used any of the batch that arrived two days ago...well packed and quickly shipped. What more can one asked for? Did I mention the ridiculously low price?

    In the future, I will be ordering all my veneers from here.I am duly imporessed with all aspects of my transactioin...and even more so the quality of the product.

    Thank you.

  3. Great Product

    Review by David Giasson

    Received it today. Well packed, fast shipping, and a great product. I ordered two more today. Thanks Joe! Great service as always. Awesome communication when I emailed with questions.

  4. As Always, Exceeded Expectations

    Review by Joe Williams

    I don't know why anyone would expect different from Joe at this point but as always this delivery exceeded my expectations. Even the packaging was top notch with a warning that the contents were under pressure. They are beautiful veneers, very thick and attractive, not a bargain basement offering whatsoever.

    Thanks again Joe and Christine!

  5. Excellent Veneer - Beautiful Grain and Great Sizes

    Review by Dean Stallings

    Here is a quick review. I bought 2 bundles of this veneer and it arrived two days later. The veneer was packaged very well and the quality of the veneer is excellent. This is a good deal - Other places sell Mac Ebony for $10 to $15 per square foot and its not half as good as this veneer. Get some if you have ever wanted to work with a super exotic wood.

  6. Awesome Veneer and Great Price

    Review by Josh McDowell

    I bought 3 packs right away and then I came back for three more because the quality was so good. The owner sent me tracking information for my order later that day. The grain in the bundles I got is outstanding and the widths were 5" to 6". I am definitely impressed with this company!

  7. Highly Recommended

    Review by Matthew Greenberg

    My shipment of ebony just arrived this morning and I'm more than pleased with what they sent me. This company is top notch. Highly recommended.

  8. Extraordinary Deal

    Review by Nick Simmons

    This is an extraordinary deal. I bought a pack, had it shipped in one day and then went back and bought 5 more. You can't find good ebony like this these days for less than $8 per square foot. Couldn't be happier that I found this.

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