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Leopard Copper Veneer
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Lead Time:
3 to 5 Business Days
Finish Option:

Leopard Copper Veneer 
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Leopard Copper Veneer

Not unlike "Irish Moss" and "Mystic Topaz" this patina has the explosive arrangement of molten contrasting colors on a warm amber background. This is truly a must-see copper patina. If you're looking for something truly eye-catching, this could be it!

Available only with the lacquer finish option.

Free Shipping: We'll ship this product anywhere in the continental US for free!

pg-sample-copper.gifIf you've been looking for something truly unique for your next veneering project, this is it! We are proud to offer this outstanding patina copper veneer in a very durable and user-friendly 36 gauge (.005") thickness. This is geniune copper material and no two sheets are identical. Each is an amazing work of art by itself. Best of all, this copper veneer is easy to use and requires no harmful chemicals. The patina is applied for you by the artist.

The picture shown above is not the exact copper veneer that you will receive. Each copper sheet is custom made so there will be variations in color and pattern from one sheet to another. If you have a large project, be sure to order all of the copper together (in one order) to minimize the differences from sheet to sheet. We want you to be completely satisfied with your copper veneer so consider ordering a sample before you get started on your project.

Recommended Accessories

pg-copper-veneering-easy.jpgBetter Bond TC-20™: This is the best adhesive available for bonding our copper veneers to most porous surfaces.

Wood Roller: This tool is used to remove wrinkles that can occur when the copper veneer sheet is handled.

J-Roller: A must-have item used to apply pressure when the copper is adhered with solvent-based contact cement.

Copper Veneering Kit: This top-selling combo package includes the basics you'll need to get started in copper veneering.

Now Offering Over 35 Styles of Copper Veneer!
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Price Matching: We'll match any competitor's price on this product. If you find this same copper veneer for less, just let us know.
Picture Reward:
Send us a large, clear image of your completed copper veneer project to use on our website and we'll send you a store credit of up to $100.
Actual Size: Size is nominal. Actual width and length can vary by one-half inch.
.005" (36 gauge)
Our copper is almost twice as thick as the aluminum used to make a soda can or 7 times the thickness of aluminum foil.
Each veneer is carefully rolled up and shipped in a corrugated box.
This is genuine copper. There are several companies offering painted or plastic "look alike" laminates which lack the depth, beauty, and originality of this real copper veneer. Each of our copper sheets are made to order by the artist and his exceptionally talented staff.
Production Time:
Standard: 3 to 5 business days
Expedited: 1 business day ($45 per sheet)
Please contact us before ordering for expedited production.
Transit Time:
These veneers are shipped from the artist in Kansas City, Kansas via UPS. Transit time is typically 1 to 4 days.
8" x 10" or 25-piece sample kit (4"x4")
- Ceilings
- Wainscoting
- Door Inserts
- Lamp Shades
- Cabinet Panels
- Kitchen Backsplashs
- Wall Art
- Bar Tops
- Scrapbooking
- Wall Covering
- Decorative Trim
- Picture Frames
Cutting Copper: Though our copper will not tear, it can be cut with scissors or use a scroll saw with a bi-metal blade for intricate cuts.
Copper Glues: Copper veneer can be applied with most solvent-based contact cements or Better Bond TC-20™.
Substrates: - MDF
- Wood
- Plywood
- Hard Board
- Particle Board
- Plastic Laminate
- Glass
- Drywall
- Aluminum
- Cardboard
- Acrylic & Lexan
- Paper (Card Stock)
Finish Options:

The "wax" option creates a matte sheen. You can apply a coat of high quality paste wax to continue protecting your finished project.

The "lacquer" option brings out the best in the colors of the copper and is suitable for moderate-use areas. With the lacquer finish, you can further protect the copper using a poured-on epoxy finish.

Please note that some copper patina types do not have options for both finishes because of compatibility issues.

You can also opt for no finish to be applied to the copper so that you can apply a finish in your shop. The color, depth, and character of a non-finished copper veneer will be significantly different than one that has a finish applied by the artist.

Internat'l Orders:
Please contact us before ordering this product. We will work with you to arrange affordable international shipping.
Return Policy:
The artist that makes this copper veneer and ships it direct to our customers charges a 15 to 25% restocking fee.

Project Ideas:

Copper Veneer Projects

Copper Switch PlateCustomer Favorite Project
You can make your own custom copper switch plates. Use 3M Super 77 contact cement to bond this copper to most vinyl/plastic hardware store switch plates. Trim with sharp scissors and then fold over the edges.

This is an easy 15-minute project that is sure to get some attention!

About Our Pictures
I was surprised to see so many online pictures of this same copper type where the colors were over-saturated and unrealistic. It's just too deceptive to sell a product this way. With the exception of Bamboo and Distressed patinas, the pictures shown on my site were taken by me and then color-corrected with software and a calibrated monitor. These pictures are not as vibrant as some of the others you may find around the internet but I wanted a genuine and honest representation.

Find answers to common copper questions on the JoeWoodworker Copper FAQ.

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