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Incredible Box of Veneer
100+ Square Feet
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Product Description

This box contains beautiful veneers from around the world. I've offered these boxes in the past and each came with a nice array of species but the batch that I'm offering now is simply incredible! We are now offering this box with free shipping to the lower 48 states.

Most boxes will have 75 to 90 sheets of veneer inside. There will be consecutive sheets of some veneers in each box which gives you the opportunity to create bookmatched patterns. We actually put about 110 square feet of veneer in each box but some splits and cracks should be expected that will reduce the total yield. Each 36" x 12" x 4" box weighs at least 10 lbs.

Think of the projects you could create with such a wide array of species.
Need some inspiration? Check out this picture!

You can expect 15 to 20 of the veneer types below in every box.

  • Cocobolo
  • Lacewood
  • Paldao
  • Jatoba
  • Birds Eye Maple
  • Anigre
  • Reconstituted Rosewood
  • Chestnut
  • Elm
  • Curly Ash
  • Curly Olive Ash
  • Alder
  • Zebrawood
  • Birds Eye Zebrawood
  • Bubinga
  • English Brown Oak
  • Walnut Swirl
  • Maple
  • Fumed Oak
  • Figured Mahogany
  • Cherry
  • Aspen
  • Honduran Rosewood
  • Spanish Cedar
  • Burmese Teak
  • Monkey Pod
  • Karelian Birch Burl
  • Curly Maple
  • Brazilian Rosewood
  • Santos Rosewood
  • White Oak
  • Red Oak
  • Fumed Oak
  • Curly Black Limba
  • Flame Figure Makore
  • Iroko
  • Flat Cut Koa
  • Figured Koa
  • Red Gum
  • Douglas Fir (Vertical Grain)
  • Macassar Ebony
  • Redwood
  • Ancient Bog Oak
  • Australian Walnut
  • Claro Walnut
  • French Walnut
  • Figured Walnut
  • Carbon Grey Dyed Recon Veneer
  • Tineo
  • Mahogany Crotch
  • Mozambique
  • Tamo Ash
  • Amara Ebony
  • Quilted Maple
  • Walnut Burl
  • Ziricote

Additional Notes:

  • The thickness of most of these veneers is 1/45" inch.
  • Sizes range from 3" x 12" to 12" x 35" and sheet count varies.
  • Each box consists of mostly non-consecutive sheets but there will be some that are consecutive.
  • Each box is unique therefore the veneers inside will vary from one box to another.
  • There may be additional species included that are not listed above.
  • The species inside each box are not labeled.
  • We can not custom-pack a box of veneer.
  • These are raw wood veneers (no backing).
  • There is a limit of two boxes per customer. Please contact us if you would like to order more than two boxes.
  • We can only ship this item to addresses within the US due to export limitations on certain species.
  • This product is non-returnable.

Are the veneers in each box labeled with the species name?
No. Labeling every veneer would be extraordinarily time-consuming and it would force me to increase the price by a very significant amount.

Can you identify a species in the box that I don't recognize?
Yes. Just send me a picture and I will do my best to help you out.

Product Reviews

  1. Excellent Selection

    Review by John Felten

    An excellent selection of veneers. Plenty of veneers for my primary use, which is marquetry, but also adequate for other projects where a diverse and beautiful selection of veneers can be used for small boxes, drawer fronts or table tops. The price was right and everything arrived in "one piece".

  2. Beyond Gorgeous

    Review by Thomas Buchheister

    Beautiful veneers, I was blown away with the variety and quality. This was one of my best purchases. These are the perfect size for my current projects.

  3. Just Ordered My Second Box

    Review by Bern Becker

    Excellent customer service. I had some questions which we're all quickly addressed by the owners. Product arrived quickly and in good shape as per description. The veneers are completely breath-taking.The word "incredible" actually does not do these veneers justice. I've just ordered my second box.

  4. Fantastic and Amazing

    Review by James Hoerter

    I just got my box of veneer. What a wonderful and beautiful assortment of veneers from all over the world. I use them for drawer fronts and boxes. You can't get this assortment anywhere else. Also, Veneer Supplies is so helpful. One time I wanted to know the name of one type of veneer, sent Joe a photo, and he helped me find it on his website so I could order more. You will not be disappointed. It is a great way to discover veneers that you like and want more of it for certain projects. I love this box of veneer. My grand kids go crazy selecting for their boxes.

  5. Very Impressed

    Review by Paul Wingert

    As a beginner, I wanted some inexpensive veneer to learn with. I know Joe sells great products, but I set my expectations low due to the low price. I was so impressed when I opened the box. This stuff is too good to practice with to just throw away. I am going to come up with some small projects to use this amazing stuff. Thank you Joe for making this product available.

  6. An Excellent Quality Mix

    Review by John Fogarty

    Echoing what others have already said, these mixed-wood veneer boxes provide an excellent variety of good quality wood sheets, pressed flat and ready to use. Although I'll supplement it by purchasing other woods for specific projects, this one box should answer many of my needs for years to come.

  7. A Great Value

    Review by Phillip Stafford

    Purchased this box to use veneer as balance for burl veneer faces on box lids. Most of my lids are under 6” x 10”, so this box will last me a number of years. Lots of very nice veneers and some burl and figured, which I will use for faces. A great value.

  8. Large Variety of Species

    Review by Paul Augustine

    Fun for smaller projects. Shipped quickly and arrived in great shape. I am just starting out with veneering so this will be great for me to learn with.

  9. Veneer from Around the World

    Review by James Hoerter

    This is my second box. I love the selection of veneer. Plenty to use in a wide variety of projects. It is incredible to think I have veneer from around the world. Arrived fast and right to my shop. Every veneer is nice and flat and in good shape. Would not be able to find a better deal.

  10. So Good I'm Buying Another

    Review by Larry Schaudies

    I am ordering my second box because I found it such a surprising value. It is full of beautiful, useful veneer which suits perfectly my need for inlay material of different colors and grain patterns. BTW I also highly recommend the Box of Burl which is also a magnificent value.
    As stated, the orders are shipped promptly and well packaged. I did have a problem once with an order and Joe took great care of me. Buy with confidence.

  11. Incredible box...

    Review by Keith Bird

    Incredible box is the correct way to describe the box of veneers I ordered. I was more than surprised by the quality and variety of the veneers. The order arrived quickly and was packed with care. I'm going to be ordering this again!

  12. A Winner of a Deal!

    Review by Kevin Conley

    What a great bunch of veneer! It was quick to ship and well packed. Plus there was as bunch of it! A really good variety of different widths too. I'll be getting another one after this but it might take me a while. Great job Joe!

  13. Felt Like a Kid on Christmas Morning

    Review by Juergen Sattler

    I just opened my Incredible Box of Veneers and the content exceeded all my expectations. Every new layer in the box had a new surprise. Beautiful exotic veneers, many sequential to produce book matched pieces. This box is a real bargain at the regular price and a real steal when on sale. Don't hesitate to order this before supply runs out. The box was shipped within 24 hours after placing the order - great customer service. Thank you so much.

  14. Beautiful and a Real Bargain!

    Review by Carolle Im

    I just received this box of veneers and they are fantastic! I assumed it would be mostly scraps which was fine since I was planning to work with them on little boxes but there are several sheets of the same species, long and wide enough for me to redo my boyfriend's speakers from the 80s. I can't wait to start working with them, and the bargain hunter in me wants to order another box immediately before they sell out.

  15. So Many Options

    Review by Ezekiel Arena

    What a wonderful array of exotic veneers. This is my second purchase of Incredible Box of veneers. It is difficult for me to pick out veneers for my next project due to the fact that I have so many selections to choose from. I’m looking forward to completing my next project with these veneers.

  16. Excellent Deal!

    Review by Clint Egleston

    Excellent selection of useable veneers. I found a bountiful supply of very nicely sized woods that will hopefully yield some very nice projects. The variety plays very nicely with my plans for marquetry and small projects. There were some nice flitches that will yield some very nice boards. Thanks!

  17. Very Happy with this Product

    Review by Brandon Olson

    I was blown away by the amount of beautiful veneer that was packed in the box! Shipping was fast and well packed. I'm new to veneer and once I got this box I started veneering a box!

  18. Amazing

    Review by Steven Rogers

    All I can say is that this company is amazing. I ordered the Incredible Box of Veneer as a starting point with veneering and to get some species that I've never heard of before. This box went way above and beyond my expectations. Ended up with 22 different piles (21 different species I think) and a total of 132 sheets of veneer. So much figure in them, a ton of options with sequential cuts for book matching, some pieces over 10 inches wide, with very little in checking in the pieces. Add in their personal touch at every step and the super fast shipping, you can't ask for much more in a company. Thank you and I look forward to ordering from you again in the future!

  19. Outstanding

    Review by Ron Sprenkle

    The order was received in good time and the pieces were outstanding, it was more than what I expected, they've done an outstanding job of putting it together!

  20. Great Variety Box

    Review by Sid Tyler

    Just received my box of veneer and am very impressed with the quality and variety. I have not done much veneering in the past and have never used exotics so this box will be a great pleasure to use. Several species (about 15) and all great looking.

  21. Big Box of Great Veneer

    Review by Kevin Carabell

    Great box of veneer! Some damage in the corners of the box from shipping but to be expected. This is a big box of high quality veneer Really cool and I'm excited to use it soon. Thanks Joe!

  22. Nice Variety...

    Review by Mark Sisinyak

    Nice variety, quality and amount. Arrived in Alaska quickly and was nicely packaged to reduce breakage. Most other locations I found on the Internet offered much thicker material then I needed.

  23. Awesome

    Review by Kory Trinrud

    I was blown away by the quality and variety of the veneer I received. I would recommend this to any one who is looking to add a spark of creativity to their woodworking.

  24. Great Combination of Different Wood

    Review by Marlof Kruijd

    Nice box of veneer, great combination of different wood. Thanks guys. Will have to order a new box soon. Nice flat sheets and a couple book matching.

  25. Excellent Product

    Review by Diane Taylor

    We just received another bargain bin box of veneer and as usual it was filled with truly beautiful veneers! High quality, low price and Joe I get them delivered so fast I think you must drop them off at my shop on the way home even though I live in rural Florida! Because of your bargain box of veneers, I have tried some varieties I might not chose at first glance when ordering but because of the different woods you send it lets me experiment a bit, with some very good results! We make marquetry jewelry boxes and whenever you send us a new box of veneer we can hardly wait to see what exotic woods are inside, we also like the fact that you are always adding new varieties! Joe and Christine in addition, you make our work at art shows look extra good because of the fine products and knowledge you provide thru your website!

  26. Exceeded My Expectations!

    Review by Charles Olden

    I'm new to veneering and wanted to get a good assortment to start with. This box of veneer far exceeded my expectations. A large variety and more than meets my needs.

  27. Great Buy...

    Review by Kevin Strege

    My veneers arrived in excellent shape and on time. Most importantly the assortment of veneers was much more than expected. Most of the pieces of are a size usable for small to medium projects such as jewelry boxes etc. I will definitely be coming back.

  28. Fantastic Selection

    Review by William Donaldson

    Fantastic selection of veneers. Enough to keep me going for a lifetime. Definitely great value and highly recommended. Especially at sale price for less than $ 100!

  29. Truly an Incredible Box

    Review by Steve Woodard

    This was my first purchase of the Incredible Box of Veneer and it is very aptly named. It truly is incredible. When my box arrived, on time as usual, I spent the entire afternoon just admiring each piece. It definitely exceeded my expectations, but then everything I have purchased from Veneer Supplies has exceeded my expectations. There is an amazing assortment of veneers and there were several consecutive slices. As one review stated "A box lovers dream" and that is actually an understatement for what I received. I highly recommend this; I might purchase another box just to admire its contents. Truly remarkable!

  30. Outstanding Selections

    Review by Jim Stabile

    Wow, a lot more than advertised. Both total square feet and wood species. There were even a few bundles with a number of consecutive slices. Quality is outstanding.

  31. Happy Customer

    Review by Bob Reeder

    This box was full of a big variety of veneers. I didn't measure it but it seems like it is way more square footage than advertised. I'm very happy with this purchase and with the customer service.

  32. Great Kickoff for Marquetry

    Review by Jim Hinds

    32 different kinds of wood in my pack, some just one or two pieces, but some as many as 5-6... about 1/3 are "exotic looking" Excellent palate for marquetry.

  33. More Than 100% Satisfied

    Review by John Kenney

    I have only scratched the surface of this lot of veneer. A box makers dream. More than 100% satisfied.

  34. It's Like Christmas

    Review by Bruce Rowen

    This is my third purchase of this box, I'm addicted! And am now officially a hoarder. The variety is huge, with many finely figured pieces and flitches. Perfect for someone looking for a special look on a project but just can't quite decide.

  35. Blown Away!

    Review by Randy Meyer

    I recently decided to up my game and add veneering to my bag of tricks (and projects). I saw the sale on this box and thought I'd give it a shot since I didn't have any actual designs lined up with specific needs. The variety and size of this box has actually blown my mind. I'll be busy for weeks just sorting through what I now have in inventory.

  36. Nothing Matches This Product

    Review by Jim Fleetwood

    This box of veneers was truly far beyond expectations. As soon as I opened the box I was going to be delighted based on my first glimpse. This is more than a sample box. There is enough material here to add a beautiful finish to a number of presentation boxes and small furniture projects. There are several species with consecutive veneers allowing for some great combinations. I am a hobbyist but I design many of my own pieces. This box has already inspired some new projects.

  37. Best Item You Can Get

    Review by Joe Williams

    This was without a doubt the funnest woodworking item I have ever purchased. Like Christmas. I cannot believe the amount of wonderful items in this box. I have never seen so much incredible figure. He really stocks these things with items that will impress and make you an instant veneer junky. I bought this in addition to some other veneers as a first time veneer enthusiast. What a great item and my wife loved it too which is a first!

  38. Review from Fountain Inn, South Carolina

    Review by Nathan Parr

    Excellent service and value. I ordered this package at 11:45 AM (15 minutes before daily order cut off) on a Tuesday. I received my order two days later; the following Thursday. The package is advertised. There was a large variety of woods within the pack - walnut, purple heart, figured bubinga, maple, oak, and others that I can't readily identify. Overall I am very pleased, and would highly recommend this product.

  39. Review from Vancouver, Washington

    Review by Jim Fitzgerald

    Wow! What a nice surprise. My box was packed full of some amazing veneers. The selection is awesome. My wife loves boxes of all kinds. Finally putting my shop together in my retirement and this box will give us great joy once we get some boxes made. I'll share some once projects are complete. Joe's the best. Fast shipping and exceptional products.Everything came in great shape and for the price this offer can't be beat! I've already ordered more!

  40. Review from Hilliard, Ohio

    Review by Sean Reilly

    Excellent selection. Well worth the money, I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  41. Another Review from Punta Gorda, Florida

    Review by Rick Jahnke

    I just received the veneer box. Like everything else that I have purchased from Veneers Supplies it met or exceeded my expectations and, as always, the customer service was excellent. I will pick and choose from these to create a marquetry inlay to repair a water damaged area on the top of a built in dresser on a $1 million yacht. I am an advanced hobbiest woodworker and occasionally I do a "commissioned" project like the above repair. I have built a lot of furniture from solid woods but only began veneering a few years ago when I started buying from Veneer Supplies. They got me started with not only veneer and supplies but also the vacuum pump system kit and most importantly Joe's know how that kept me from making a lot of mistakes that would have happened if I tried to figure things out on my own. The products are good to great and the customer service is terrific. I would recommend Veneer Supplies to anyone doing veneer whether they are just getting started or are a seasoned expert. Frankly, they could charge more and still be a great deal.

  42. Review from Punta Gorda, FL

    Review by David Baldrich

    Very good variety of woods and very good quality. Great for marquetry.

  43. Review from Orlando, Florida

    Review by Chris L.

    This box is amazing. I bought one of these boxes during a previous assortment, and got a bunch of species, most of which had consecutive sheets. I mainly do small projects, so this box gave me a wide variety of things to try at the same price as just a few sheets or small lots of veneer if bought separately. The customer service was great and email response was fast. Joe identified a couple of species by email that I had trouble identifying myself. I'd buy one of these boxes too, if I had made it through even half of my original box. As soon as I do make it through, I'll be sure to get another the next time it is offered.

  44. Review from Okamont, PA

    Review by Theodore Cole

    I just got my box of veneer and wanted to see how honest the square foot estimate is on my order. I am very happy with my order.

    I received a very good variety too. If I have these sorted right, then I count 19 different species. You cant go wrong for this price and the customer service here is as good as it gets.

  45. Review from Edmonds, WA

    Review by Jeff Harrison

    I ordered this sample box and upon opening the box I realized I had a problem. I'm going to have to up my game to do these veneers justice. A few of the sheets had splits in them due to the gorillas in the shipping pipeline but should press out fine. I will be ordering more from Joe when I get through this box.

  46. Reviewer from Wayne, PA

    Review by Brett StClair

    OMG!!! As others have said... THIS IS JUST ONE BIG BOX OF INSPIRATION!
    I even got a piece of blue dyed figured ?something?. I'm not sure what species it is and it doesnt even matter! It instantly screamed "Jewelry Box" for my daughter. The whole box is full of great pieces. Most of them have at least 2 in series for bookmatching. The sheer surprise when opening this box is so worth the cost. The fact that you also get some excellent veneer is a bonus. Also, at just under $12 for shipping, there is not many if any better deals out there. I would recommend this to anyone.

  47. Impressed

    Review by Craig Smithfield

    Received your UPS boxes today and was very excited to go through the 20# of assorted veneers. I found, I believe, 25 different species of all different grains, cuts & textures. I was very impressed with the selection especially the possibilities that arise with the several sequential veneer lots. All were in great shape and uniform in thickness. I sent you pictures of the assortment and you graciously wrote back, within an hour, identifying each lot/sheet. It was a pleasure working with you and your company.

  48. Twenty Pounds of Inspiration

    Review by John K.

    Amazing assortment of veneer for the price. Included were; 12 sequential sheets of 6x30 birdseye maple, 10 seq sheets of 9x26 lacewood, 15 sheets of 9x30-36 padauk, 20 sheets of 7-10x36 curly maple, along with 2-5 sheets of: figured sapele, mahogany crotch, rosewood, zebrawood, and some amazing silver-dyed curly maple. There were more, but I stopped counting. Highly recommended. As far as I'm concerned I just bought 20 pounds of inspiration.
    Thanks Joe.

  49. The Customer Service Here is 10 Star

    Review by Gary K. Monroe

    I was a little disappointed when I first opened the veneer box that I had ordered from It seems to be filled with a lot of white oak and some imported veneer. But as I removed bundle after bundle from the box I began to see some veneers that I had not seen before. I emailed Joe some pictures and within a couple hours, he replied with species names for each. I'd probably give this a four star rating but the customer service here is 10 star and that makes all the difference. With that said, I want to mention that this veneer box had a crazy amount of sheets in it. I was just hoping to get a lot more burl veneer.

  50. Greatly Exceeded My Expectations!

    Review by Darby L.

    Joe sent me an update yesterday saying that my box of veneer had shipped. And it's already here. The customer service here is as good as the products. Its all top notch. I got cherry, prima vera, white oak, walnut, mahogany, and ash burl. This item has greatly exceeded my expectations!!!

  51. Filled to the Top with Veneer

    Review by Ben M.

    Great deal! I'd buy more if I had room. My box had redwood burl, cherry, imbuya, and some other woods that I had to send pictures to Joe for identification. The shipping cost for my order was less about $15 but this is a heavy box and its filled to the top with veneer.

  52. Kind of like Christmas around here!

    Review by Jean Butner

    I ordered one of these boxes a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised by what I found inside. My order consisted of some really nice walnut, oak, and cherry but the big surprise was several sequenced sheets of prima vera. My best guess is that there is more like 300 square feet in the box. Today I ordered another box and I'm hoping it will be equally surprising. Kind of like Christmas around here!

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