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Exotic Veneer: Framed & Behind Glass
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Product Description

Mahogany Veneer FrameIf you appreciate fine wood, you'll love having veneer-as-art on your shop or office wall. Each veneer has been sanded and given a lacquer finish to bring out the natural figure and shimmer. The finished veneer is professionally mounted, matted, and framed behind glass. Each has an engraved tag with the common and Latin names set into the matting.

Our remaining inventory is quite low and we're now selling these below cost (I paid $29 each for these) to unload the last of the stock.


Frame Size: 14" x 17"
Frame Molding: 1.75" wide x 1" thick
Veneer Finish: Semi-gloss lacquer
Frame Color: Black
Matting: Double-mattted in white and light grey
Surface Protection: Glass
Mounting: Saw-tooth hanger (installed)

Available Species Options

  • Bird's Eye Maple - ONLY 1 LEFT!
Sold Out Species
  • Hawaiian Koa - SOLD OUT
  • Curly English Sycamore - SOLD OUT
  • Eucalyptus Pommele -SOLD OUT
  • Curly Anigre - SOLD OUT
  • Primavera - SOLD OUT
  • Macassar Ebony - SOLD OUT
  • Bosse - SOLD OUT
  • Maple Burl - SOLD OUT
  • Curly Olive Ash - SOLD OUT
  • Karelian Birch Burl - SOLD OUT
  • Mahogany Crotch - SOLD OUT
  • Rosewood - SOLD OUT
  • Nutmeg Burl - SOLD OUT
  • Camphor Burl - SOLD OUT
  • Quilted Bubinga - SOLD OUT
  • Tineo - SOLD OUT
  • Zebrawood - SOLD OUT
  • Walnut Crotch - SOLD OUT
  • Quilted Afzelia- SOLD OUT
  • Oak Burl - SOLD OUT
  • Jarrah - SOLD OUT
  • Wenge - SOLD OUT
  • Ash Burl - SOLD OUT
  • Quilted Maple - SOLD OUT
  • Redwood Burl - SOLD OUT
  • Walnut Burl - SOLD OUT
  • Fiddleback Kotibe - SOLD OUT

Product Reviews

  1. Excellent Framing, Beautiful Wood, Incredible Customer Service

    Review by Grant W. Parker

    I bought 4 of these for the office part of my shop. Joe shipped them out the same day and they took only 1 day to arrive. That is great service. The veneers are flawlessly framed and I'm glad the veneers have a finish on them since it really brings out the grain and color. Overall, I'm very pleased with this purchase.

  2. Just Showing Off!

    Review by John Whelan

    Joe sent me 5 different species of these framed veneers. The shipping cost was very reasonable and the packing job was second to none. The frames are made very well and the matting is perfect. I like having the Latin name plates... its just a nice tough. Joe has a pretty good reputation for good customer service and it really shows. I sent him several questions over 3 or 4 days and he replied to each of them very quickly. Even after I ordered he still quickly responded to me.

    These woods are going to be hung in the office part of my shop. It's going to look really good. If you buy multiple pieces, play around with the layout on the wall to get maximum effect.

  3. Review from Roanoke, VA

    Review by John Richard Dochinski

    My wife ordered three of these for me to put on the wall next to my desk and I must admit they are pretty sharp looking. I'd like a whole collection of these for the home office and if I were a bachelor, I'd put them everywhere around the house.

    The frames are a quality product and the veneers that were selected for them are obviously the best of the best. There are so many too choose from so I guess I'll be asking for more this Christmas.

    The shipping on the order was fair and even though the box was damaged a bit by UPS, the frames were packed so well that it would have taken a gorilla to break the glass.

    As Arnold would say... I'll be back!

  4. Review from Park City, UT

    Review by Charlie Bishop

    I found several of my favorite woods available in these frames so I ordered enough to make a nice row behind the desk in my shop. These are made very well and I'm not surprised because everything I've bought on this website has been excellent and the customer support here is just incredible.

    The frames have the typical metal bracket on the back to make it easy to hang them. The black frame material has a nice sheen that doesn't look fake and they even put a backer board behind the frame... that is top quality finishing! I will probably order more of these if I can find room. I guess its time to take down my old Makita advertising posters from the 80's.

  5. Review from Chicago, IL

    Review by Randy Parker

    I just placed my second order for more of these veneers. I wasn't expecting the first one to be all that great but once it got here I was very happy with it. This is a really sharp way to show off some veneer. These obviously have a very nice finish on them but its not so thick that the wood looks fake. When I first ordered I didnt realize that these are good enough to put pretty much anywhere you'd want. The pictures on this site make the frames look a bit cheesy but in reality they are very nicely made. I bought Koa on my first order and just now I ordered Mahogany crotch, birds eye Maple, and curly Sycamore. Cant wait for them to get here!

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