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Copper Veneer Sample
8" x 10"



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Product Description

Copper samples are now in stock! Each sample is sold individually. Please select the patina option above. These samples will give you a rough idea of the possible color and pattern of a given patina type. Since each sheet is custom made, there will be variations in color and pattern from one sheet to another. Each sheet is unique and created solely on the artist's interpretation of what makes each one visually impressive. The 8" x 10" is a nominal measurement. Actual width and length will vary by 3/8".

If you've been looking for something truly unique from your next veneering project, this is it. We are proud to offer this .005" thick patinated real copper veneer for use with or without a vacuum press. No two sheets are identical and each is an amazing work of art by itself. The possiblities are endless. Imagine the reaction your family, friends, and customers will have when presented with a one-of-a-kind copper veneer work of art. Whether it's used for wainscoting, lamp shades, cabinet panels, or door inserts, your finished project is sure to delight. Best of all, this copper is easy to use and requires no harmful chemicals. They patina is applied for you by the artist!


Copper veneer can be applied with solvent based contact cement or with Better Bond TC-20™ in a vacuum press. It can be easily cut with scissors and can be routed with carbide tipped bits. For scrolling cuts, a bi-metal blade is recommended.

The artist has already applied a coat of protective finish. To futher protect your finished product, simply apply an additional coat of high quality paste wax and buff out.

Recommended Accessories:

  • Better Bond's TC-20 adhesive
  • Steel Roller (removes wrinkles)
  • J-Roller (to apply copper to substrates with contact cement)

This item is non-returnable.

Patina Options:
Patterns marked with an asterisk (*) are premium patterns with a small upcharge.

Patina Image Description
Antique copper-antique-s.jpg

Charming, elegant, and understated. This copper patina contains a gentle and eye-pleasing gradient between each of the warm brown tones. It is the classic of classics.



Azul is undeniably gorgeous. Rich blue and turquoise dominate over shades of light brown in a burl-like pattern. You can't go wrong with this one.


The name says it all. Vibrant orange, off-red, and other autumn colors appear to lift up from the surface in an array of whimiscal clouds or bubbles.

Bamboo copper-bamboo-s.jpg

Bamboo has a very sharp and eye-catching appearance. Robust dark brown lines chatter throughout the sheet. It has the potential to become the focus of your project.

Bamboo Forest copper-bamboo-forest-s.jpg

This is a sharp and distinctive combination of the Bamboo and Distressed patina options. The look is aggressive and demands a bold project where the patterns can thrive.


Distressed is an outstanding copper veneer with a dark field covered in nearly-black "particles" of color. A sure favorite among craftsman style builders.


Distressed is an outstanding copper veneer with a dark field covered in nearly-black "particles" of color. A sure favorite among craftsman style builders.


We are sold out of the "dark" version of the Distressed copper sample and unfortunately do not have an estimated arrival date for another shipment.

Enchantment copper-enchantment-s.jpg

Enchantment is one of the more visually dramatic designs. Shades of brown and black cascade from end to end displaying a waterfall-like effect that has to be seen to be believed.

Fish Scale* copper-fish-scale-s.jpg

This "Engine Turning" pattern is hand-made with simple tooling. This copper has no patina. The intriguing pattern is made by abrading the copper surface. Perfect for garages spaces!

Free-Form Circle* copper-freeform-circle-s.jpg

Here is another hand-made copper sheet. This copper has no patina. The pattern is made by abrading the copper surface in a circular pattern.

Free-Form Random* copper-freeform-random-s.jpg

This copper has no patina. The pattern is made by abrading the copper surface just like the one above. The only difference is the direction of the abrasion which is more random.

Flamed copper-flame-s.jpg

Flamed stands out from the rest. Circular designs in a bubbly pattern appear to rise through the copper surface. Soft and gentle in appearance, Flamed is sure to delight.

Golden Bamboo copper-golden-bamboo-s.jpg

Golden Bamboo is subtle yet inviting and warm. Dark chocolate markings lay on translucent clouds in a golden background. This new color is sure to add dimension to any project.

Irish Moss copper-irish-moss-s.jpg

There is something unique about the green and black patina on this copper. In different lights, the colors seem to fade in and out ranging from gentle pale green to a rich and dark emerald.

Leopard copper-leopard-s.jpg

Not unlike Irish Moss and Mystic Topaz this patina has the explosive arrangement of molten contrasting colors on a warm amber background. This is truly a must-see copper patina.

Mottled copper-mottled-s.jpg

Mottled is amazing. Each sheet is draped in stunning brown and black colors in a varying array of mesmerizing patterns. The patina on this copper is simply breath-taking.

Mystic Topaz

This patina is destined to be a classic. Brilliant turquoise pebbles float on a field of black and brown. This is our new favorite copper!

Tarnish copper-tarnish-s.jpg

This is one of the more subdued of the copper veneers. It is simple and understated with the warm orange glow of aged copper. Not available in the 192" size.

Red Wine

Red Wine is simply dazzling. This new patina style is the most striking and alluring copper we've ever seen. The pattern of metallic red bubbles is almost three dimensional.

Rojo copper-rojo-s.jpg

Rojo shows off the classic copper patina colors. Layers of turquoise and sea green colors cover a background of rich browns. This is the epitome of patinated copper sheeting.

Rojo Negro

Rojo Negro holds nothing back. Molten red, orange, and occasional black colors flow around the sheets in wild variation. Outstanding in every way.

Sand Storm copper-sandstorm-s.jpg

This copper has a less dramatic variation in color but a wild and aggressive patina pattern. It's an ideal copper for those who like the Zebra copper patina but want something a bit less dramatic.

Stellar copper-stellar-new-s.jpg

Even the name is indicative of the amazing array of color and depth in these sheets. Never before has such an active display of radiance been found in copper veneer.


Sunburst is a real crowd pleaser. Seemingly explosive black "bursts" in a mesmerising field of copper oranges and reds create a unique and engaging visual texture.

Verde copper-verde-s.jpg

Verde is the quintessential copper veneer. The classic copper brown field is camouflaged by intense greens in a burl-like pattern that must be seen to be believed.

Vertical Squiggle* copper-vert-squiggle-s.jpg

This pattern is hand-made with simple tooling and has no patina. The pattern is made by abrading the copper in an undulation fashion that creates a three dimensional appearance.

Wild Fire

Wild indeed! This patina has a variety of vibrant orange and red colors that rise up from and over a surface of black and dark brown colors.

Zebra copper-zebra1-s.jpg

A perfect blend of bronze and black colors can be found in the Zebra copper veneer. Gorgeous casts of dark brown and black flow along the sheet creating a primitive yet purposeful design.

Product Reviews

  1. Better than Expected

    Review by Charles Sherman

    This order came in better than I expected. Communication was excellent! Looking forward to doing business with Joe again. Even the samples were good and I made art out of the samples.

  2. Review from Prairie Village, KS

    Review by Shelby Perez

    This is a very beautiful product. Mine pretty much matched the photo description. I expected the copper to be thinner than it actually is. Now I want to get more samples.

  3. Review from Forney, TX

    Review by Hunter Galloway

    Let me start off by saying that when I opened my package and saw the Wild Fire copper veneer I was blown away! My dad was standing beside me and nearly layed an egg. He said that it was too beautiful to cut. The image presented here at is dead on to what I received. I bought the sample size to make custom guitar control plates. At first I thought I was going to have to spend $40 for the next size up but with some careful measuring I realized I could use the sample size for my need. There is A LOT of detail in one 8"x10" piece. If you do any small work the sample sizes will work if you are concerned about the design not being what it would be on the bigger pieces. My dad has already said that he would like to purchase a bunch of copper veneer to make mosaics. There is a million and one things you could use this stuff for. Highly recommended!

  4. Review from Columbus, OH

    Review by Sherry Stagg

    The copper veneer samples are amazing. I ordered 5 different samples and they look just like the pictures... colors are true. I'm ordering a couple more for projects. The colors are beautiful. Thanks, also, for the speedy shipping!

  5. Review from White Plains, MD

    Review by Skip Kovacs

    I definitely feel that purchasing these samples is a strict requirement before making a larger purchase, since many of the patina colors are significantly different than the pictures. That said, many of these patinas are truly spectacular, including Autumn, Enchantment, Golden Bamboo, and Irish Moss.

    [Message from Joe.. I wouldn't say the colors are significantly different from the pictures. I took all of these pictures in RAW format and developed the images on a color calibrated monitor.]

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