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Better Bond™ Veneer Glue
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Product Description


Better Bond™ medium-tone veneer glue is a fast-setting adhesive with a fiberous-resin additive that minimizes glue line visibility and reduces the effects of bleed-through. It is also an excellent gap filling adhesive. The medium tone version of this exceptional adhesive is designed for use with woods such as elm, cherry, oak and more.

Ultimately, you have decide if your veneer work deserves the best veneer adhesive. Does it? Of course it does but the truth is that you will never know how impressive this adhesive is until you try it. It will only take one project panel to see that this glue works better than any other cold press veneer glue.

For me, the fact that the panels dry very quickly is a major plus. I've also grown accustomed to its forgiveness in application. Instead of requiring a special glue applicator or a measuring device, this glue goes down perfectly with something as simple as a basic glue roller.

The beauty of the BBCP adhesive is that when it's applied correctly, it produces a flawless panel every time. Don't be fooled by veneer adhesives that claim a ridiculously high level of solid content. Click here to understand why solid content tells you nothing about bond strength and how it is often over-estimated for marketing purposes.

Better Bond Cold Press veneer glue is formulated for vacuum press veneering but will also work with other veneer clamping methods.

  • Non-flammable
  • No harmful vapors
  • Dries to a hard film
  • Thick consistency reduces bleed-through
  • Tinted to inconspicuously fill voids in medium tone veneers
  • Does not allow "creep" or movement of the veneers on the substrate

Shelf Life: 12 months
Assembly Time: 15 minutes
Clamp Time: 45-60 minutes
Coverage: Approximately 70 square feet per quart or 280 square feet per gallon
Safety Information: Click here

Tips from Joe

  • If you're ordering veneer glue, don't forget a glue roller. It's worth every penny.
  • This adhesive is also an excellent general-purpose woodworking glue.
  • The Better Bond cold press veneer glue (in light, medium, and dark) is suitable for standard thickness veneers only. Thicker veneers require a PPR glue such sa Ultra-CAT™.
  • We also recommend Ultra-CAT instead of standard cold press adhesives for crotch grain veneers.

Size Option
Better Bond cold press veneer glue is available in quart and gallon sizes. Since a gallon of this glue can weigh almost 10 lbs, you can also select a gallon size with an optional empty quart bottle to make it easier to apply glue to the substrate. A "yorker" spout is included with the empty quart bottle.

Questions About Veneer Glue?
Check out the JoeWoodworker Veneer Glue FAQ.

Which color/tone of veneer glue should I use?
It's a common misunderstanding that the color options are available to minimize the visibility of the glue line at the edge of the panel but the glue line is very thin and it's typically not visible at the edges.

The primary use of these color options is to fill the pin holes which are typically found in burl veneer. When working with a burl veneer, it's best to use a veneer glue that matches the color of the wood cells around the voids which are often somewhat darker than the rest of the veneer. Some species such as Karelian birch burl have a very light color for much of the surface area but have very dark burl pockets. It's best to use the medium tone of the cold press glue for these types of veneers.

Can I use this glue on paperbacked veneer?
Yes. Thoroughly scuff the back side of the veneer before application to allow adequate penetration of the adhesive.

Will this glue work for bent laminations?
For any type of multi-layer veneering, it is best to use a PPR glue such as Ultra-CAT.p

What is the shelf life of this adhesive?
Our supplier specifies 15 months of shelf life. Since our inventory turn-over rate is just under 3 months, our customers can expect 12 months of shelf life.

Can I use this glue even if it is beyond the shelf life?
That is a risk that you have to be willing to take. I would not recommend it and I would not use an expired adhesive for my veneer projects. Typically there are no visual indicators that a glue has exceeded the shelf life and is not suitable for use.

What kind of finishes can be used on a project that has been veneered using this adhesive?
You can use shellac as well as water-based, oil-based, lacquer-based, and alkyd-based stains and top coats. Do not flood the surface with the first coat of finish. Apply a light coat and allow it to dry. Then proceed with heavier coats of finish as needed.

Is this glue suitable for thick veneers?
Standard veneer thickness is 1/42". The Better Bond cold press adhesive is perfect for this thickness of veneer. For anything thicker, a PPR glue such as Ultra-CAT is recommended. All wood veneers will expand and contract with seasonal humidity changes. A thick veneer has a greater ability to expand and contract with seasonal humidity changes. When the veneer expands and contracts more than the substrate, several problems can arise. This is  called "veneer creep" and it can only be avoided by using an exceptionally strong bond to the substrate. A PPR glue provides the bond strength that prevents creeping.

Can I use this adhesive on crotch grain veneer?
Better Bond cold press veneer glue is not recommended for crotch veneers. A plastic powdered resin glue such as Ultra-CAT™ is far better for challenging veneers with crotch grain.

Where can I find a chart that shows all of the Better Bond veneer glue differences?
This downloadable adhesive chart shows all of key points about each of the Better Bond veneer adhesives and may be helpful when choosing a glue for your next veneering project.

Is this adhesive freeze/thaw stable?
Freezing will not harm this product.

What else should I know about this glue?
A medium density rubber foam roller is the best way to apply the adhesive. The rule of thumb is that the surface of the substrate should look "heavily painted" with veneer glue but not dripping wet. Always apply glue to the substrate material, not to the veneer.

Always use 80 grit sandpaper to scuff sand the substrate material. This will create the best possible bond strength.

One of the most common veneering problems is the tendency of the panel to warp after it is removed from the press. There are two easy ways to minimize this issue. The first is to veneer both sides of the panel. A backer veneer should be used on the reverse side of the substrate. This will balance the stress placed on the substrate as the glue dries and the veneer re-acclimates to the shop environment. The second step to preventing panel warp is to allow both sides of the panel to dry evenly. Support the panel with dowels on a flat surface until the glue has cured.

Unbacked maple veneer requires special attention. Avoid problems by scuff sanding the adhesive side of the maple veneer and ensuring that there is adequate clamping pressure while the glue sets up.

Some settling of content is normal and does not affect the integrity of the bond. To minimize settling, store the bottle on its side and rotate it one-half turn once a month.

Clamp/Press/Set Time: 45-60 minutes
Cure Time: 3 - 4 hours
Open Time: 10 - 12 minutes
Shelf Life: 12 months
Available Tones: Light, Medium & Dark

Why can't I clamp the veneered panel for more than 60 minutes?
Cold press adhesives cure by evaporation. In a vacuum or mechanical press, there is very little air movement at the glue line and because of this, there is very little curing. If the panel is pressed for too long, mold can form on the veneer. This is especially true with cherry and maple. Clamping for more than 60 minutes can also allow the glue to over-saturate the substrate and cause swelling. For cold press glue, always press the panel for 45 to 60 minutes and then let it cure outside of the press for 3 to 4 hours.

Product Reviews

  1. Better Bond Veneer Glues

    Review by Brad Hopke

    Joe recommend this glue. I tried it and love it. Really cut down on any bleed through of glue. Fast dry time in my vacuum bag. I have bought all 3 colors and choose which one for the color of the veneer I am using. Great product.

  2. Great Glue!

    Review by Brad Dawson

    I have been using this veneer glue for many years on all types of veneer including the oily tropical exotics and have never had a failure. Highly recommended!!

  3. Outstanding Glue and Incredible Customer Service

    Review by Dennis Bowden

    This glue has been great for my furniture pieces. Most of my work during the last two years has been with walnut burl and elm burl. I use the medium and dark tones obviously and they bond perfect every time. I don't want to worry about mixing and I don't want to worry about bleed-through issues so I use a glue I can trust. This is it.

    A word or two about the level of customer service here. You won't find better customer service anywhere. The owner is a woodworker and a veneer user. So when you ask a question, you get a response from someone who knows what he is talking about. He helped solve a problem I was having with a restoration project. It was entirely my fault but Joe worked with me to figure that part out. He is very knowledgeable and willing to help.

  4. Review from Charlottesville,VA

    Review by Byron Robitaille

    I use quite a bit of Better Bond glue. It goes on smooth and dries fast, and I have had no problems with it. Like some other reviewers I also use it for general woodworking with good results. Delivery is fast, packing is fine, and the glue matches its description. Everyone should use it.

  5. Review from Redmond, WA

    Review by Ted Baughman

    I was willing to give a cold press glue a try in my new vacuum setup. In the past I had very good results using either Unibond 800 in my press or hot hide glue when hammering. It worked very well, and the application was easy. The joint cured hard, the bleed through was minimal and it sanded cleanly. What a great find!

  6. Review from Erie, Colorado

    Review by John Hall

    Since using this glue I have not had a problem with my veneer glue ups. I just purchased my second quart.

  7. Review from Vermont

    Review by Mark L.

    I am a novice working on my first restoration project involving veneer. Tons of help from the JoeWoodworker website which recommended this product. I must say the glue was easy to apply (I also bought the veneer roller) and worked great. When I placed my order Joe quickly sent a note saying he was out of stock but gave me a few options, cancel order, ship the other items and credit the cost of the glue or hold the order until the new stock arrived which I agreed to. A a couple days later it arrived and was promptly sent. The only negative comment I have is that the shipping and handling charge was somewhat high, and I don't think insurance on glue and roller was necessary, but there was no choice. Otherwise I was happy with the purchase.

  8. Review from Wapakoneta,Ohio

    Review by Max Neu

    This is great glue! I am using this for all woodworking. I did some testing and it performs just as good as yellow glue on general woodworking applications. For me, it just makes sense to use this for veneer and solid lumber instead of having more product laying around when this will take care of everything and does it well.

  9. Review from Ontario, Canada

    Review by Joel Wesseling

    This glue is the best. When I come across other veneer glues in stores, I try them out but always come back to Better Bond. Better color matching, gap filling, less bleed-through but when it does on some veneers it's invisible after first finish coat. Machines off at edges as if it is the wood itself.

  10. Review from San Francisco, CA

    Review by Catherine Herdlick

    It really does produce a better bond! We've been using basic wood glue on our custom parquetry maps for the last year but recently tried this product out and loved it!

    It goes on smoother, is easier to clean, and doesn't bleed through. It's saved us so much time on repairs, it's worth every penny. We've used up that first bottle and ordered one in every color!

    Better Bond is now "industry standard" at Woodcut Maps!

  11. Really Nice Stuff

    Review by Joe K

    Oh Boy! Really nice stuff. Very easy and I do mean easy to work with and the bond was superior to my first attempt. Yes... I used contact cement. I know... don't yell at me.. I knew better but it was the only stuff I had at the time.. that will teach me. I've already experienced all the issues Joe outlines here for contact cement. Clearly it's for laminate. The bond with this stuff is just great. I did my first vacuum pressing and WOW... it's just amazing. I would suggest the investment in some vacuum capabilities.. The bond is like nothing I've ever experienced and vacuum pressing just finishes to perfection all your efforts to get a nice veneer. I had great success with my starter pack. I was veneering like a pro on my first attempt.

  12. Excellent adhesion with overall outstanding results

    Review by Sheri P.

    I bought 2 gallons - one for light veneers and one for dark. I've probably used a total of one gallon between the two and have had absolutely no problems. If you're going to do a lot of veneering buy the gallons and save.

  13. Great glue

    Review by Leo

    I have been using Better Bond glues from Joe for over a year now and everything has held up perfectly with no separations. Also, I have not experienced bleed through as I have with other veneer adhesives that I used prior to Beter Bond. It is also very easy to work with and clean ups are a cinch.

  14. Using Better Bond

    Review by McKay

    I have purchased from Joe many times and the product is always of top notch quality and is shipped in a timely way.The DIY vacuum press made it financially possible to do vacuum veneering. I just could not justify the more expensive vacuums and having used them, the press that I purchased from Joe is every bit as good.

  15. Superb adhesive for burl veneer

    Review by Taylor H.

    Elm burl is my favorite veneer and I use it on almost every project. I like the way the elm looks with cherry and walnut solid wood frames. I exclusively use this Better Bond veneer glue for my projects and the results are always perfect. This adhesive is superior to the Titebond veneer glue in several ways. I've had plenty of problems with bubbling, shelf life, and glue consistency (thickness) with the Titebond veneer glue. The Better Bond glue is a superb adhesive. The shipping here is reasonable and the turnaround time is the best I've ever seen.

  16. A Very Strong Bond

    Review by Jill Sulzbach

    I veneered a panel to use on a small fishing box for my husband with this veneer glue. Just like the product listing says, it did not bleed through, the bond is definitely strong and even the bottle feels heavy duty.

  17. Outstanding Results Very Easy To Use

    Review by Jared Gilmore

    Excellent product! Highly recommended.

    I used it on some maple burl veneer and a piece of flakeboard. The results were perfect and the panel is now the focal point of the project. Do yourself a favor and order the gallon size. You'll be using this stuff more and more everyday when you see how good it works.

  18. Another Positive Review

    Review by Bobby Kommar

    This is probably one of the better glues on the market. I used it for the veneer I bought here that went on a nice guitar. The results were excellent. The glue bonded very quickly and is hard as a rock. I'll be buying a few gallons very soon. A+

  19. Another Great Product from Joe

    Review by Nick Castlemier

    Another great product from this website. I built my system around the instructions and tried out the glue for my first press. The results were very good. I also used the glue roller which really makes the whole process alot easier.

  20. Very Pleased!

    Review by Jaime McGrath

    I wanted to note how excellent this glue is for non-veneer applications. I use it constantly for edge-to-edge solid wood panel glue-ups, where the color, consistency, and hardening qualities make it infinitely superior to yellow glue. With white oak it especially matches the tone of the wood, eliminating aggravating stain-resistant yellow glue gaps where the jointer or I went awry (it only takes 1/128" to catch the eye . . .). I also use it for dovetails and any other very important (highly visible) joinery in furniture. This glue is, in a word, superior.

  21. The Results Were Fantastic

    Review by Carol Johnston

    I was given some old birds eye maple veneer from my niece and nephew. To thank them, I made them an inlaid table using the veneer. I used the yellow glue dry method (using an iron) and after a few weeks, the veneer bubbled. I found Joe's website and contacted him about the veneering failure. Since it was a small project, I bought the BetterBond glue and used a home made glue press. The results were fantastic. I guess this was a good learning experience for me. I had several questions, and Joe responded to each of them within a few hours. I am so HAPPY that I found this website. Thank you, Joe. This product is great! I'm even ready to try another veneering project

  22. This Glue Is Perfect

    Review by Dave Tinley

    This glue is perfect for me. I do alot, I mean alot of work with white oak and quarter sawn white oak veneer. Till I discovered this glue I always had problems with bleed thru. Not with this glue, very minimal if any, only when I get too much on the substrate.

  23. An Exceptional Adhesive

    Review by Albert Omer

    As others have said, this is an exceptional glue for veneering. The light and dark versions of this glue are also great. I use a lot of elm burl veneer in my projects so the medium color glue is absolutely perfect. There are other adhesive choices that require mixing and special application equipment but I cant imagine why anyone uses them since this glue works so well. It dries quick and doesnt require more than an hour of pressing. I've been using it since 2004 and have always had perfect pressings.

  24. Nothing Better Than Better Bond

    Review by Charles Fegan

    I'm fairly well convinced that there is no better veneer glue than Better Bond. I just ordered my 4th gallon from Joe and thought this was a great time to let others know about it. There's not much to write about because the glue is exactly as decribed. It has a bite like no other. I couldnt peel the veneer off my plywood panel with any tool in my arsenal. Drying time is very reasonable. I've even taken "speed" projects out of the bag in 30 minutes and had great results. At 20-something per gallon, you'll learn quickly that this glue offers a great value. A gallon covers way more veneer than I thought. Shipping was fine (price and time) and as everyone says, the customer service here is impeccable.

  25. The Glue Arrived Well Packed

    Review by Miles U.

    My glue arrived well packed and appears very fresh. The whole order arrived within 36 hours! I wish I had found this website much sooner. The supplies, press parts and the instructions are top notch!

  26. Completely Satisfied

    Review by Herbert Stansbury

    I've been using other cold press glues for nearly a decade and always had a love-hate relationship with them because the panels were consistently inconsistent. One day, the veneers would work great and other days they would bubble up. However this cold press glue (betterbond) is a much better than the others. So far, the glue hasnt given me a bad board. We also use Joe's glue roller which is worth its weight in gold if you ask me.
    Get a gallon and the roller and you'll have no problems at all. I'm 100% satisfied and I dont worry about my veneer jobs anymore.

  27. This One Is A Winner

    Review by Tim Rumbinas

    First, let me state that I am a fan of urea formaldehyde glues. I've done veneer work in the past with "yellow" or PVA glues, and had the following problems: 1. Short open time 2. Too much moisture imparted to the workpiece 3. bleed through and staining of porous woods. That being said, it's often tedious to mix powdered UF glue for a single panel.

    I suspect that Better Bond is an extended PVA glue -- it reacts in the pot much the same, looks and spreads the same. However, its working qualities and convenience have converted me. On six test panels in European beech, it gave a sweet glue line with no staining or adverse reactions whatever.

    It is wetter than I am accustomed to -- one has to keep moving fairly rapidly and get the piece into the press without delay, or curling can become an issue. This is clearly stated on the label, however, so it was no surprise.

    I will likely stick with UF glue for bent work and for pieces where long open time is an issue. But for convenience, low cost, and pleasant handling characteristics on flat work, this one appears to be a winner.

  28. It Never Bleeds Through

    Review by Tim Ruben

    I've used 3 gallons so far and every panel (all 50+ of them) has been perfect. This is much better than the other veneer glue I had been using for many years. I dont know what the difference is in the chemical make-up of the Betterbond adhesive, but it works very well and never bleeds through.

  29. I Give It Five Stars

    Review by Joann Trumel

    I just placed an order for a case of the Betterbond veneer glue since I used up the last gallon I had on a big project that I did with my husband. We are both extremely happy with the glue we found here. The gallon size is a great value and so far, we havent had a board come out that was anything less than perfect. I give it 5 stars!

  30. This Stuff Is Superb

    Review by James Kalmore

    So good bye to those crappy veneer glues you get from most mail order companies. This stuff is superb. I made the mistake of trying several different glues and fouled up with each of them. I used Joe's Betterbond glue and the glue roller that he has here. With these two products together, I have done a great job on every project.

    Another important point that should be brought up. Joe's website receives a ton of website traffic (I'm sure of it). That kind of bandwidth is expensive. You support the website and lengthen its stay on the web by buying items from the website. Its a great way to repay Joe for his hard work but its even better that you are supporting it in a way that permits more and more woodworkers to get involved in veneering.

    And if you have questions... Joe is the man! He answered atleast a dozen questions for me and then added the answers to the website for everyone to learn from. How sweet is that?

    Well.. its back to the shop to stare at my vacuum press. I love it!

  31. Nice And Thick Viscousity

    Review by Gordon Mackie

    Some of my best veneer projects came out flawlessly with this glue. It dries quickly and has a nice and thick viscousity. I'm finishing up my 3 gallon of the veneer glue and will be buying at least 2 more gallons very soon.

    I've tried every glue on the market for veneering and this is the easiest and most fool proof glue there is. If I can make a good panel, anyone can!

  32. Great Stuff

    Review by Carl H.

    Great stuff. Always a good a panel and the price is great (compared to the $33 the some places sell this stuff for).

  33. This Glue Dries Fast

    Review by Bryan Komar

    Much better than the Franklin cold press glue! Thicker, stronger, and dries faster.
    Excellent product and much cheaper than Franklin too.

  34. Excellent Results

    Review by Julie Acingger

    My husband and I built two wonderfully veneered cedar chests with this glue and had excellent results. We will be buying more soon!

  35. This Veneer Glue Is Much Better

    Review by Robert Gilman

    Worked perfectly. This veneer glue is much better than the Titebond veneer glue.

  36. They Turned Out Perfect

    Review by Frank Jenna

    Last night we did a test run on a few panels with some of the cold press glue and they turned out perfect. We opted for the cold press glue over the unibond glue because this glue sets up in an hour. (The unibond takes about 6 hours if I remember correctly.)

    I have had the chance to try the Franklin veneer glue and I didnt really care for it. I found it to bleed through the veneer too much. This glue doesnt do that at all. We applied the glue with the spreader that Joe sells.

    Overall, I am very happy with this glue and I think most woodworkers will feel the same way.

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