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Better Bond™ Tolex Adhesive



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Product Description


Better Bond's™ Tolex Adhesive is a non-flammable, water-based adhesive formulated to bond Tolex and similar materials such as vinyl to wood and other porous substrates.

Tolex is a plastic sheet and film material for book binding and case covering for speakers and amplifiers. Tolex is the trade name of a flexible plastic/vinyl material used to cover Fender amplifiers, Coffin Case® guitar cases and guitar cases from the 1960s onwards. Tolex was also used in marine upholstery applications found in classic Chris-Craft® models and other boats. More information can be found by clicking here.

Surfaces to be bonded must be clean. Apply a very thin coat to both surfaces using a glue roller. Very porous surfaces may require more than one coat. Second coat should not be applied until first has dried. Allow the most of the water content to evaporate for 20-30 minutes. Cloudy areas indicate incomplete drying. This time can be shortened with forced air and/or heat. Position pieces carefully prior to bringing surfaces together as bond is made instantly. A pinch or J-roller roller is recommended to obtain proper mating.

Some users prefer to apply the adhesive single sided to the non-tolex substrate (MDF, plywood, etc.) at a slightly heavier spread. The adhesive is then allowed to only partially dry to increase in tack. The tolex is then applied and "worked" to smooth out. This method allows for some repositioning of the tolex.

Other Information
Coverage: 325 sq ft/gallon
Clean Up: Use warm, soapy water to clean while adhesive is wet
Storage: Store in a clean and dry area at 60° - 80° F
Safety Data Information: Click here

This item can not be shipped outside of the USA and Canada.

Freeze Protection: Click here before ordering    Freeze Protection Info

Tip from Joe
If you're ordering veneer glue, don't forget a glue roller. It's worth every penny.

Learn more about this product by clicking here.

Is this glue the same as the Titan DX contact cement on this website?
Yes. The only differences are the name and the label on the bottle.

Will this adhesive work on plastic, metal, and other non-porous substrates?
Tolex adhesive requires the substrate material to be able to absorb water. It will not bond to a non-porous surface.

Is this the same glue as Custom Pak (CP) Adhesives #CP1386?
Yes and no. The current version of CP's 1386 adhesive is not suitable for Tolex. Our Tolex adhesive is the same as the older-style CP1386. That adhesive was too expensive for Custom Pak and they had to replace it with a newer version (though they lost the Tolex compatibility in that change).

Is Tolex adhesive freeze/thaw stable?
This adhesive is not usable if it is allowed to freeze. Once frozen, it turns to a solid lump of very hard rubber.

What is the clean up process with this adhesive?
Clean rollers and brushes with hot water while the adhesive is still wet. If the adhesive starts to dry, soak the roller or brush in mineral spirits for an hour and then clean with hot water. Cured adhesive can not be removed from rollers and brushes.

What other details should I know?
Shelf Life: 8 - 12 months (based storage conditions)
Coverage: 100 square feet per quart / 200 square feet per half gallon
Storage: Store in a dry area at 60° F – 80° F

Can this adhesive be shipped overseas?
Tolex adhesive can not be shipped outside of the USA and Canada.

What is the best way to apply this adhesive?
The glue roller is a "must have" item when applying Tolex adhesive.

Product Reviews

  1. Better Bond Tolex Adhesive is a Must Have

    Review by Ian Baynes
    Rating: has been a great company to buy from! I’ve purchased the Better Bond Tolex Glue a number of times and used on all of my speaker cabinet and amplifier rebuild projects. The fact It allows you reposition before setting in place ensures a perfect fir is great. It also holds up to wear and tear really well! I recommend you try it if you currently use to using a regular contact adhesive - especially as it doesn’t smell as bad and can be applied indoors

  2. Great product, great company!

    Review by Steve Watson

    The glue tacks up fast when you hit it with a little heat. Holds really well. Joe and co. here at Veneer Supplies are great to work with. They keep you informed every step of the way until your product arrives. Will definitely do biz with them again!

  3. This is the Right Stuff!

    Review by John Luke

    I've been building musical instrument speaker cabs for many years covered with various tolex styles. This is the adhesive to use! Goes on evenly, flashes off predictably and the tolex stays put! Easy clean-up as well.

  4. Review from Dickinson, TX

    Review by Jyme Bale

    I've never used anything else and was ready to wait to the 20 to 30 min tack time but I am in south Texas in A/C and with a ceiling fan on high. This stuff dries ready to go in may be three minutes. It sticks fabulously. Highly recommended. I'm doing a Marshall amp and speaker cab that looks like the original.

  5. This stuff is great!

    Review by NJ

    Holds up superbly. Very tacky when it sets up and seems to last.

  6. I tried it

    Review by James Brindle

    Its the exact same thing as mojo only a fraction of the cost. Mojo is out of their minds thinking they can mark up this same glue so much.

  7. Finally... a reliable source!

    Review by Aaron "BLUEMAN" Kline

    There are places on the internet that offer a similar product but this one is a better because it spreads further and when it dries, the tolex is rock solid. My amps are seeing some pretty crazy extremes so it's important that the glue line is durable. This is my new favorite.

  8. Great Tolex Glue

    Review by Jeremy Bush

    If you know anything about this type of adhesive, you know that they are all pretty much the same. This stuff is as good as other Tolex glues but its less expensive, the customer service here is excellent, and the shipping is very affordable. So dont hesitate to use this company for Tolex glue. You wont be disappointed. A+

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