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49-Piece Veneer Sample Book
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Product Description

pg-sample-book.jpgOur latest veneer sample book contains 49 extra-large paperbacked veneer samples including a PSA and a 2-ply veneer. We've chosen this specific assortment based on recommendations from our customers. It has been fine tuned to offer the best and broadest selection of wood veneer available.

This is a superb reference guide for cabinetmakers and architects. Your clients will appreciate the opportunity to see and feel labeled samples of the available wood species for their project. These are actual product samples; not just pictures of veneers. Each sample is protected by a removable clear sleeve.

Each sample binder also includes our "Paper-Backed Veneer Guide" and price list.

Sample size: 8" x 10"
Each sample book contains the following veneers:

  • Alder (Clear - free of knots)
  • Anigre (Quartersawn, Figured)
  • Ash (Flat Cut)
  • Ash (Quartersawn)
  • Bamboo (Caramel Color, Narrow Grain)
  • Bamboo (Natural Color, Narrow Grain)
  • Beech (European, Flat Cut)
  • Beech (European, Quartersawn)
  • Birch (Rotary)
  • Cherry (Flat Cut)
  • Cherry (Flat Cut, Figured)
  • Cherry (Quartersawn)
  • Fir (Vertical Grain, Quartersawn)
  • Hickory
  • Jatoba
  • Lacewood
  • Mahogany (African, Flat Cut)
  • Mahogany (African, Ribbon Stripe)
  • Maple (Birds Eye)
  • Maple (Flat Cut)
  • Maple (Quartersawn)
  • Maple (Curly)
  • Maple (Rotary)
  • Red Oak (Flat Cut)
  • Red Oak (Quartersawn, Heavy Figure)
  • Red Oak (Riftsawn)
  • White Oak (Flat Cut)
  • White Oak (Quartersawn, Heavy Figure)
  • White Oak (Rift)
  • Padauk (Clear)
  • Pine (Clear)
  • Pine (Knotty)
  • Poplar (Knotty)
  • Rosewood (Santos)
  • Sapele (Quartersawn)
  • Spanish Cedar (Western Red)
  • Teak (Flat Cut)
  • Teak (Quartersawn)
  • Walnut (Flat Cut)
  • Walnut (Quartersawn)
  • Wenge (Quartersawn)
  • Zebrawood
  • Reconstituted Ebony (Quartersawn)
  • Reconstituted White Oak (Quartersawn)
  • Reconstituted Zebrawood (Quartersawn)
  • Sample of 10 paper backed veneer
  • Sample of 20 paper backed veneer
  • Sample of 2-Ply veneer
  • Sample of PSA backed veneer

    We also have individual samples of many of these veneer species.

    The sample catalog used to have 41 samples right?
    Yes... without raising the price, we were able to get 8 additional samples in our current batch of sample books. There are now 49 samples in each!

    What is a PSA veneer?
    It is a paperbacked veneer with a pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the backing. Think of it as "peel and stick" veneer. The sample book includes one PSA sample veneer.

    Do these veneers have a stain or other finish on them?
    I don't offer any veneers that are stained. A pre-stained or pre finished veneer would have all sorts of issues when applied and trimmed.

    Product Reviews

    1. Very Satisfied Customer

      Review by Jacob Hall

      This is exactly what I was looking for as a portfolio of samples to provide to clients. Came in a nice binder ready to go. I came to the site intending to build my own portfolio when I found this product.

    2. Review from Champaign, IL

      Review by Michael Schuler

      A fantastic intro to veneers! I'm a professional cabinetmaker and bought this sample pack to present options to clients. Everything about Joe's pack is top shelf. The samples themselves are big and beautiful, each one presented and protected in an individual plastic sleeve along with very instructive information for those not already familiar with veneers and veneering. I hoped this would be a good resource, but I was wrong --- it's a great technical resource and effective sales tool. No doubt, it sold the job I bought it for and paid for itself instantly. On top of this, Joe's communications and service are as good as I have found anywhere.

    3. Review from Tracy, CA

      Review by W. Martinez

      Received sample book in just a few days. Will be a helpful tool to show clients the vast array of veneers available for cabinetry and furniture. Web site is well done, easy to locate what you need. Look forward to doing business with Joe.

    4. Review from Empire, MI

      Review by James Moskalik

      I ordered these samples to get a hands on view of the different woods. It came very quickly and yes it was helpful to see the woods up close. Now I have a few more choices than I originally thought.

    5. Terrific Reference

      Review by Ken Adams

      Not sure which veneer best suits your project, or looking for a species that's just a bit darker, lighter, more or less figured than what you have currently? Get this book? I have actually divided each sample into a couple parts, leaving most of the sheet raw and natural, and clear-coating a smaller portion to see its finished appearance.

    6. Great Resource

      Review by Michael Godfrey

      Once I have customer who I know is serious about their kitchen remodel, I let them take this book home so they can select a wood for their project. The book is a must have resource if you have customers who dont know maple from zebrawood. My order was fulfilled very quickly and it arrived in two days. I've ordered veneer from this store several times and I've always been very pleased with the purchase. Top notch operation here. You get quick email replies and the speed of their order processing is hands down the best I have ever found.

    7. Must Have Item

      Review by Joe Boia

      This has become my "go to" resource when a customer comes into our shop for cabinet work. This catalog allows our customer to choose a species based on color and grain.

      Shipping was very quick (2 days) and the cost is reasonable considering how large the samples are.

    8. A Must Have Item

      Review by Don Mullen

      This is a must-have item. My clients love looking through this book. It makes them more aware of the possibilities in a project. It has also made it easier for me to suggest using a combination of veneer species on some jobs. The last 3 jobs we took were for customers wanting to combine walnut with maple or walnut with cherry. The sample book makes the process of wood selection much easier. For the price, you can't beat it. The shipping was very reasonable and delivery time for me was only 2 days.

    9. The Price Is Quite Fair

      Review by Howard Mc Donell

      I have had a sample book for my clients to look through for several years and I constantly hear them say "these samples are too small". This sample book solved that problem immediately. Its amazing what a difference there is between a 6 x 6 sample and these huge 8 x 10 samples. I found something similar to this at (another supplier) for $59.95 so the price here is quite fair.

    10. Very Impressive

      Review by James Packard

      This sample book is very impressive to say the least. Most of my clients have no idea of the variety of wood veneers that are available. With this book, I can remove samples and let the customer take them home for evaluation. Several of my clients have opted to go with exotics instead of plain old oak and this is simply because the sample was so impressive to them. I have found that the lacewood, rosewood, and anigre veneers are now more popular than ever. When a client asks me to build a vanity from maple, I now suggest anigre and show them the sample. It doesnt take much more than that to convince them that there are better choices. My local rep offers a similar sample book at $64.95 and the samples are actually smaller and fewer. Working with Joe to get this book in my hands could not have been easier. He is a pleasure to speak with and knows what it takes to offer exceptional service. Jim Packard, August Mill Cabinetry

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