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Winter Weather Causes Shipping Delays for Non-Freezable Adhesives

pg-weather-temps.pngThe temperatures across most of the country are well below freezing for a significant portion of the day. Click on the image to the right to see the average daytime high temperature for the US. Unfortunately, many of the Better Bond™ adhesives are not freeze-thaw stable. If the glue is frozen during transit, it will become instantly unusable. Here is the list of adhesives which can not be allowed to freeze.

  • Heat Lock™
  • Titan DX™
  • Flex-Pro™
  • Tolex Adhesive
  • TC-20™

We have developed a system using a thermofoil bag, foam peanuts and 72-hour package warmers to reduce the possibility of product damage. This protection method is expensive ($8 per product) but works well with temperatures above 22° F. However, this system is far less effective with the extremely cold weather that is currently covering our nation where overnight lows are dropping below 20° F.

Because of the uncommonly frigid temperatures, we are postponing some shipments. Each day, we monitor the temperatures in our state (Maryland), the customer's state and all states along the package route. No orders containing non-freezable adhesives will ship until the temperatures between our location and the shipping destination rise above that which our freeze protection method can withstand.

Warning: We offer no warranty on the product if you do not select the freeze protection option. If the product freezes in transit or at your door step, we will not replace or refund the adhesive.