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We No Longer Ship to Colorado
The complexity of Colorado sales tax collection laws are simply overwhelming.

A landmark decision was made by the Supreme Court in June of 2018 that grants each state the authority to impose sales tax obligations on out-of-state transactions without requiring physical presence in the state. Like many other states, the Colorado state government now considers any business that, among other things, ships more than 200 orders to their state within the preceding 12 months as having presence (also known as "nexus") and so the state law requires those businesses to collect sales tax and to report and submit quarterly or monthly payments. Please see this page for additional information.

Many states have adopted a similar policy and we are now collecting sales tax for those states. Those states have comparatively simple tax collection policies. Unfortunately, Colorado has the most complicated and burdensome sales tax collection laws in the country. The number of jurisdictions in Colorado that have their own tax collection rules, terms, and percentages is staggering. We would ultimately have to hire an office staff member just to handle Colorado tax collection, record keeping, and tax payments. This is just not cost-effective for me and my wife.

The View from Our Side
QuoteTo register for a sales tax license in Colorado we have to register with the Colorado Department of Revenue which requires registering with every tax jurisdiction site where we ship our products. There are supposedly 683 possible localities that we could potentially have to select when registering. Additionally, we would have to file a sales tax return for every selected locality on a quarterly or possibly monthly basis even if the sales for any single site were zero dollars. For us, that means countless hours spent each month filing tax reports for localities where we had no sales.

In addition, Colorado has 73 home-rule cities which govern their own sales tax. We would be required to contact all of these locations and possibly register and file sales tax independently to each of them.

Compliance with the complicated and oppressive Colorado sales tax system is simply too costly for our four-person company to manage. We are not happy about being forced into the decision to cease shipping orders to Colorado. This is as frustrating for us as it is for our customers. We are in business to do business, and having our hands shackled by Colorado's complex sales tax laws is destructive to the relationship we have with our customers.

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You Can Help
We urge you (in fact, we beg you) to write to your senators and representatives to demand that they take a stand against a policy that many feel is unfair, overly-complicated, and will ultimately destroy small online businesses such as ours.

You Might Still Be Able to Order!
Our website allows separate billing and shipping addresses. Some of our Colorado customers are entering their Colorado billing address and then entering a shipping address of a friend or family member in another state. Doing so gives those customers the opportunity to order from our site and in some cases avoid sales taxes altogether.