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Paper-Backed Veneer Shipping Delays
Here is what you should know...

All paper-backed veneer orders will be delayed now through September 18th due to a staffing shortage at our supplier's facility. We are working with this supplier to manage and monitor this situation to the best of our ability.

  • Paper-backed veneers with a posted lead time* of 1 business day will ship no later than September 22nd. This does not apply to paper-backed veneers that include options such a PSA, 20 mil backing, and matching.
  • Any paper-backed veneer with a posted lead time* of 2 business days on more will be entered into the production schedule on September 21st. The lead time count-down for those veneers begins on September 21st.

    Example 1: An order for a 4'x8' Wenge on 10 mil paper has a posted lead time of 5 business days. This veneer will start the 5 business-day lead time on September 21st. It would then ship on September 28th.

    Example 2: An order for a 4'x8' Cherry has a posted lead time of 1 business but if ordered with a PSA, 20 mil, or matching option, the lead time will be longer and begin on September 21st.
  • Orders containing multiple paper-backed veneers will ship based on the longest posted lead time for any paper-backed veneer in that order.


We apologize for the delay in processing these veneers and as always, we will email you the tracking number as soon as your order has shipped out.

These delays are for paper-backed veneer only. Every other item on our website is shipping on time.


* The normal lead time for each veneer is shown on that veneer's product page.