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New Lock-On Connector
A better connection system for our vacuum press kits and vacuum bags is coming soon.

The lock-on connector that works with our vacuum press kits, vacuum bags, and related items transitioned to a new style earlier this year. This was not an easy change for us as it required significant updates to many of our products and instructions guides. The old version of the connection system has been on our website for over 17 years so this was not a decision I took lightly.

Below, you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the lock-on connector.

Do I need to order a lock-on connector if I am ordering a new vacuum press kit?
No. Our vacuum press kits include the new style lock-on connector.

Which brass stem insert should I get if I am ordering a new vacuum bag?
If the lock-on connector on your vacuum press system has silver thumb-lever as shown in the left picture below, you can opt for the old version of the brass stem. Alternatively, you can upgrade the lock-on connector that is attached to your vacuum press kit and get the new version of the brass stem insert for your bag.

Old Style Lock-on Connector New Style Lock-on Connector

How do I upgrade my older vacuum bag to the new style brass stem?
You can replace the old stem with a new version. Be sure to order it with a new barb fitting option since the old barb fitting will not work with the new lock-on connector.

How do I remove the old brass stem from from my bag?
Hold the flange flat with the nipple between your third and fourth fingers. Then grab the end of the brass fitting with pliers and twist while gently pulling it out of the flange.

How do I use the lock-on connector with a vinyl vacuum bag from another company?
The existing vacuum stem will most likely have to be removed. Then our flush-mount vacuum stem can be adhered to your vinyl vacuum bag. Our stem kit includes a brass fitting designed to work with the lock-on connector.

How do I use the lock-on connector with a vacuum press made by another company?
You will need to remove any existing fitting on the end of the vacuum tube. Then measure the inside diameter the vacuum tube and select a brass barbed fitting from the menu on the lock-on connector page. The barbed fitting is the critical piece that allows the lock-on connector to attach to your vacuum supply tube.

Other than the lock-on connector, what else do I need to connect my vacuum pump to a vacuum bag?
If you have only a vacuum pump then this lock-on connector is not the right thing to buy. Instead you need to order a vacuum press kit. The connector is included with all of our vacuum press kits. We offer the CRS and EVS vacuum press kits for users that already have a vacuum pump.

Why the change?
I found that many of our customers prefer a connector with a more positive locking action. There were several options but finding the right combination of durability, cost, and ease of use took about a year of testing and follow up on feedback from certain customers. The new version of the connector and it's companion fittings have a better seal and a solid locking feature that will be a welcome improvement to our vacuum press kits. This change took place on February 10, 2020.

How does it affect existing vacuum press and vacuum bag owners?
The new style connector is included with all of our vacuum press kits, but if you already own one of our vacuum press systems with the old style lock-on connector then you will have two options when ordering vacuum bags, clamping kits, and some other items on our website. You will be able to select the new version or the older version of the lock-on connector attachment fitting when you order. For a limited time, we will also have the former style lock-on connector available separately if you already own a compatible vacuum bag from our website.