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Micra-StoneFrequently Asked Questions
Answers to the most common questions about this unusual veneer.


  1. What is Micra-Stone™ veneer?
    It is the thinnest and most flexible stone offered in the USA. Though it seems impossible, this is not a printed or faux material. Each veneer is made from real stone which has been precision milled from premium grade metamorphic rock harvested from quarries around the world. The fiberglass backer strengthens the stone and gives it unmatched flexibility.
  2. How flexible is Micra-Stone veneer?
    I've had success wrapping the smooth stone veneers around a pencil. The heavy texture veneers will typically handle no more than a 3/8" radius.
  3. How much does each sheet weigh?
    The average sheet weighs approximately 14 oz.
  4. How do I cut the stone veneer?
    It sounds impossible but scissors will cleanly and easily cut most Micra-Stone veneers.
  5. Do you have samples available?
    Yes! We now have 8" x 10" samples in stock.
  6. Do you have a close-up picture showing a grade 3 texture?
    Click here to see a detailed picture of a grade 3 texture sample. Keep in mind that the texture will vary across the sheet. Some have a lot of high texture areas and some sheets have smaller areas of high texture. We grade each veneer based on the overall texture across the sheet.
  7. How are these sheets packaged?
    I put each veneer inside a 3" diameter card board tube and then box it up.
  8. Do I have to use Titan DX to apply the veneer?
    I've tested many different glues and found that most water-based adhesives work well but a premium water-based contact cement like Titan DX seems to be the strongest bond and it is definitely the easiest to apply. Do not use solvent based adhesive to bond Micra-Stone to a project surface.
  9. Is a backer veneer needed for the panel?
    Since Micra-Stone veneer does not expand and contract with changes in ambient humidty, no backer/balance veneer is needed.
  10. Do I have to sand the finished panel?
    No sanding is needed. The organic texture of Micra-Stone veneer provides a naturally "perfect" surface.
  11. Can Micra-Stone be cut with a laser?
    I have no data on this. One customer has reported there were no problems cutting with an 80-watt CO2 laser. I take no responsibility for this customer's feedback but please let me know your results if you try it.
  12. Can this product be used in a shower or on a bathroom vanity?
    I would not recommend that type of use for this material. It is really best for furniture projects instead.
  13. /product_images/uploaded_images/stone_veneer_panel.jpgCan I cut Micra-Stone veneer once it is applied to a substrate?
    A completed panel can be trimmed to size with a table saw, circular saw, or router.
    Click here to see a picture.