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International Orders
We ship abroad! Take a look at our international ordering program.


How We Calculate Our Shipping Charges
There are more than 5,000 veneer-related items on our website. Some are heavy, some are bulky, and some products cannot be shipped in the same box with other items (for example, a gallon of glue and large veneer). Therefore it is virtually impossible for us to program our website to accurately estimate shipping costs for international orders. This is especially true for orders containing more than one lot of veneer.

We recognize this issue and we understand that the shipping charges for an international order can seem very high. However, we always try to pack the shipment in the most cost-effective manner and we refund the difference if the actual shipping charge is significantly less than the amount calculated by the website during checkout.

The High Cost of International Shipping
You may find that the shipping cost is simply too high compared to the value of what you wish to order. That will inevitably lead you to contact us demanding a less expensive shipping option. Please be assured that we have repeatedly researched every possible method of international shipping, and if there were a more cost effective option then we would surely offer it.

Determining Your Estimated Shipping Charge
To determine the estimated shipping cost for your order, click the 'Add to Cart' button on the product page for the item you wish to order. You'll find a shipping calculator link on the shopping cart page that will allow you to choose any of the available shipping options and see the estimated cost of shipping. Please note the shipping charge does not include taxes, duties, brokerage fees, or other inbound service costs.

It is very likely that the shipping charge for your order could exceed the cost of the items you are ordering. It is important to understand that the shipping carriers do not base their rates upon the value of the item being shipped. The shipping charge is based on box size, weight, and destination.

Freight Forwarding Services
We will not ship any of our products to a freight forwarding service. Please see this page for details.

We Accept Orders from the Following Countries


New Zealand

United Kingdom


These are the only countries from which we can accept orders.
No exceptions will be made.
More Information

* Indicates countries where we accept payment by PayPal only.

Shipping Information for Canada
We offer shipping to Canada by USPS and FedEx. Most orders arrive within 7 to 14 days. USPS shipments will likely incur an invoice due upon delivery for customs, duties, and applicable taxes. FedEx shipments will incur an invoice due upon delivery for customs, duties, applicable taxes, and brokerage fees which can be very high.

Please also note the following:

  • There are various wood veneer species that cannot be shipped out of the USA.
  • We do not provide information for NAFTA/USMCA or other exportation documents. Click here for more information.
  • We can not offer assistance with having your brokerage fees processed through a third party service provider.
  • Please note that claims for lost USPS packages cannot be filed until 45 days after the shipment has been sent.
  • Many of our items have a 'Question & Answers' tab on the product page that has additional international shipping information.

Shipping Information for All Other Countries
We offer FedEx and USPS shipping for most countries in the list shown above. FedEx appears to be slightly faster than USPS for most shipment and their tracking system is typically more accurate. Delivery times usually fall between 3 and 10 business days. It should be noted that customs charges, duties, applicable taxes, and other fees/charges are due upon delivery.

Due to the global COVID pandemic, overseas shipments by USPS are currently delayed by up to 45 days in some countries. We highly recommend shipping by FedEx.

Please also note the following:

  • We cannot ship paperbacked and two-ply veneers internationally.
  • There are various wood veneer species that cannot be shipped out of the USA.
  • Many of our items have a 'Question & Answers' tab on the product page that has additional international shipping information.
  • We cannot ship any of our 4 to 6 foot wide vacuum bags or our 48" wide breather mesh to Australia or New Zealand because of post office limitations. If you are ordering one of these size-restricted products, you must select FedEx as the shipping carrier on the checkout page.
  • Adhesives which are not freeze/thaw stable cannot be shipped overseas.
  • We do not provide information for NAFTA or other exportation documents. More information can be found here.

Order Cancellation and Refund Information
For international orders where PayPal is used to pay for the order, it is important to note that the PayPal processing fees we incur from your payment are not refunded to us by PayPal and thus are deducted from your refund amount. These fees, which we can not reclaim, are considered fully earned by PayPal when the payment transaction takes place.

International Orders Warranty Replacement Policy
In the event that a product from fails to perform during its warranty period, a replacement will be sent promptly. However, the original part must be returned pre-paid. Due to the nature of international orders and the associated shipping costs, we do not provide free shipping of replacement parts.

Canada Free Shipping Events
A few times each year, we offer free shipping for large orders to Canada. During these events, the choice of shipping carrier will be based on our lowest outbound shipping cost. If we choose to ship your order with FedEx, please be advised that brokerage fees, which can be substantial, will be due and payable at the time of delivery.

U.S. Territories and APO Addresses will gladly ship to Puerto Rico and all APO addresses through the US post office. You can place your order directly on our website.