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Custom Edgebanding Sizes and Species
We can make edgebanding from almost any veneer!

Wood Edgebanding

A wide array of edgebanding can be found on our site but if you need something extra special, we can have it made just for you. We have completed special orders for quilted maple, curly walnut, bird's eye anigre, and numerous other exotic species in some of the most unusual sizes.

Custom Sizes of Standard Species
We have a great partnership with a superb manufacturer who has given us the opportunity to offer edgebanding in any size from 5/8" up to 4". Minimum order requirements range from 3 to 5 rolls depending on size and species. The rolls can be 7/8" x 250' with hotmelt adhesive or 15/16" x 500' with a simple fleece backing.

The following species can be custom cut to width:

Alder Birch (White) Oak (Red) Walnut
Cherry Oak (White) Wenge
Ash Douglas Fir Pine (White) Zebrawood
Bamboo (Caramel)
Hickory Pine (Yellow)  
Bamboo (Natural) Mahogany Poplar  
Beech Maple Sapele  
Birch (Red) Okoume Teak  


Special Ordering from Our Raw Wood Veneer Inventory
Our raw wood veneer inventory consists of more than 4,500 exotic veneers. All of our flat cut, quartersawn, curly, birdseye, fiddleback, quilted and other figured veneer sheets and lot can be made into custom edgebanding designed to fit your exact project needs. The only exceptions are burls and crotch veneers which can not be made into edgebanding.

In most cases, 25 square feet of veneer creates approximately 250 feet of edgebanding. Minimum order requirements for edgebanding made from our stock veneers range from 75 to 150 square feet of veneer. This equals 3 to 6 standard rolls of  7/8" x 250' edgebanding but you can have it cut to any width and order it with or without hotmelt adhesive.

Lead Time
Production times range from 15 to 25 business days.
Orders for custom edgebanding made from our own veneer stock require 5 additional days.

Pricing will vary based on the size and backing type you choose. For reference, the cost to covert a small bundle of veneer into a roll of 7/8" x 250' pre-glued edgebanding is $31.50 per roll. Send us an email letting us know your specific requirements and we will reply with pricing details as quickly as possible.