What is My Job? It's Not What You Think


pg-joe.jpgSomeone recently asked me what I do for a living. He wanted to know more about my job. A simple question, right? I could have just said that I own a small business but I'm not sure that "owning" a company really is a job. Instead I replied that I "run" a small business since that says more about what I (and my wife) do every day. And yes, we do a lot of running... running to the post office, running around the warehouse, and running to catch the FedEx driver with one last box for the day.

My real job is more than the obvious responsibilities of packing orders, listing new inventory, maintaining website security, answering emails, fighting with ruthless vendors, and paying the bills.

My real job here in Maryland is to share my passion and ignite your "enthusiasm" for veneering. Now, that is an interesting word for sure. Right or wrong, it's been said that enthusiasm means to "inspire the god within" and I'm a bit uncomfortable thinking I've done that. After all, many of our customers are seasoned veneer users whether hobbyist or professional.

However, the rest of our customers are new to the world of veneer. I've seen their veneer projects and have been astonished by the quality and creativity that many of these woodworkers achieve on their first journey with wood veneer. Many of their projects can be seen in our customer gallery and when they send me these pictures, they often mention the articles on the JoeWoodworker website that inspired them to work with veneer or build a vacuum press. This is the ultimate reward of sharing my own enthusiasm for this craft and it always has been. In fact, the JWW website came about years before VeneerSupplies.com was ever given any thought.

You'll find several categories of inspiration on our website. Maybe one of them will inspire your god within and if so, I'm here to help if you have any questions. Most importantly, if you've been inspired by either of my websites, send me some pictures of your project and let me know that I've done my job.