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Rough Cut Veneer

Rough-Cut EucalyptusThis veneer has the appearance of genuine rough-cut lumber. There is a heavy texture on both sides of these sheets which is designed to be finished without sanding to retain the character. We believe this effect is created through an embossing process and the results are outstanding. We've only had rough-cut veneers a few times in the last 19 years and they have sold out quickly.

Common Name:
  Eucalyptus, Bluegum, Tasmanian Bluegum, Tasmanian Oak
Scientific Name:
  Eucalyptus globulus
  Light tan to brown, occasional silvery brown and yellow tones
  Australia, New Zealand, Spain
  Medium to hard
  Medium to coarse grain with semi-open pores
  Readily accepts stains and finishes

Rough Cut Eucalyptus

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Tip from Joe

I've found that cell phones and tablets display reasonably accurate colors of our veneer photos.
Rendering variations on some computer monitors can cause our pictures to appear different from the actual veneer.