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Patina Copper Veneer


Unfortunately, we're no longer able to offer the full size copper veneers that have been on our site for over a decade. As you see below, we still have some smaller sizes in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

This patina copper veneer can be applied with or without a vacuum press. Check out this link to the JoeWoodworker website to see how simple it is to use these stunning sheets.

  • $38.90 $27.20
    - On Sale -
    25-Piece Copper Veneer Sample Pack
    4" x 4"
    Though we no longer offer full size copper veneers, we do still have a few of these sample packs in stock and we're selling them at our cost. Perhaps you can find a crafty use for these coppers! Each pack contains 4" x 4" samples of all 25 genuine...
  • $49.00 $37.80
    - On Sale -
    Copper Veneer
    24" x 18"
    We're no longer able to offer the full size copper veneers that have been on our site for over a decade. However, we do have plenty of the 24" x 18" size in stock and heavily discounted. Please select a patina option above. Since each sheet is...
  • $15.95 $12.60
    - On Sale -
    Copper Veneer Sample
    8" x 10"
    Each sample is sold individually. Please select the patina option above. These samples will give you a rough idea of the possible color and pattern of a given patina type. Since each sheet is custom made, there will be variations in color and...
  • $16.95 Better Bond TC-20™ Copper Adhesive
    BetterBond TC-20™ is the ultimate high-solids, fast drying, and non-flammable adhesive for copper veneer. TC-20 creates a permanent bond to a variety of substrates including MDF, particle board, plywood, and many other porous surfaces...
  • $31.00 Copper Veneering Kit
    If you are new to copper veneering, you might find this kit very useful. Copper veneer works much like wood veneer. It's a bit fragile in its raw form so it must be handled gently. Nevertheless, it is a unique and intriguing material that will...
  • $49.00 Verde Copper Veneer
    Select a Size
    25% Off with Keycode "Save25"
    Verde is the quintessential copper veneer. The classic copper brown field is covered by intense greens in a burl-like pattern that must be seen to be believed. This is one of our top-selling copper veneer patterns. This copper is available...

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