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Edge Banding

Edge Banding at VeneerSupplies.comEdge banding is typically bonded to the sides of plywood and other veneered panels to give the project a solid-wood look. This premium edge banding is real wood that is pre-sanded and available in several sizes.

The 7/8" pre-glued edge banding is the easiest to use. It's ideal for 3/4" thick panels because it allows a bit of overhang and makes it easy to trim flush with an edge-trimming tool. We also offer 15/16" non-glued edge banding for automated edge banding machines.

Can't find the right species for your project?
Consider using a raw wood veneer instead and apply it like edge banding using Heat Lock™ veneer glue. More information about this process can be found near the bottom of the Heat Lock product page.