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Ziricote Wood Veneer

Zircote VeneerIt wouldn't be enough for me to write that this is a rare wood. In fact, it is extremely rare and highly sought after. The grain of ziricote is unmistakable. Few veneers display such an interesting blend of darker colors arranged in a very chaotic pattern. Because large logs are so rare, you'll find this veneer used primarily on smaller projects like guitars, humidors, jewelry boxes, and as inlay.

Common Name:
  Ziricote, Sericote
Scientific Name:
  Cordia dodecandra
  Medium and dark brown with very dark brown and black veining, sapwood is yellowish
  Central America - Brazil, Belize, Guatemala, Veracruz
  Very hard and very heavy
  Fine to medium texture
  Readily accepts stains and finishes.
However, staining this wood is considered a crime by some!
Please Note:
  Due to the fragile nature of this species, please expect some mild to moderate end splitting on the veneers listed in this category. Don't let this keep you from working with such a rare veneer... most of these end splits are repairable with veneer tape.

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